I’m A Conservative Christian: Charlottesville Does NOT Represent Me

By Lorana Hoopes

With the country still reeling from the tragedy in Charlottesville, the last thing we need to be doing is creating a bigger divide, yet that’s exactly what is happening.

I have seen several posts from people on the left claiming that this is the conservative’s fault. I consider myself a conservative Christian and I also happen to be from the South. I do not support white nationalists; I do not believe black people are any different from white people, and I do not condone violence. To say that the action of a group of people represents everyone in a larger group is not only stereotypical, it is what is called a hasty generalization.

It is usually wrong, and we do it far too often!

Are all blondes dumb? No! Are all people who wear glasses nerds? No! Are all cheerleaders easy? No! Are all jocks dumb? No!

Stereotypes have one place and one place only. On Stage!

When you are acting, sometimes you have to present a stereotypical character for people in the audience to understand the author’s intent, but that is where stereotypes should stay.

We are all God’s creatures, made in his image, and as such we are all special, and we are all unique. Instead of making snap judgments about people based on their looks or where they came from, we need to look at what people do.

This group of people in Charlottesville are full of unwarranted hate, and the ones involved should be judged as hateful and ignorant, but not everyone from the South feels that way. Not every white male feels that way. Not every conservative Christian feels that way.

When we can stop making hasty generalizations about groups of people and instead start looking at people individually, maybe we can start healing this nation. Lord give us your eyes to see each other as you do!

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