If April D. Ryan Is An Enemy Of The Government, Then The Government Is An Enemy of the People

By David M. Reiss, M.D.

Today (August 13, 2017), Trump’s “re-election campaign” released a new advertisement: https://www.donaldjtrump.com/media/donald-j-trump-for-president-inc-releases-new-campaign-ad

For a moment, let’s forget how ludicrous it is for a POTUS in office less than seven months in 2017 to be running a “re-election” campaign for 2020.

For a moment, let’s forget how misleading it is to start the ad by accusing the Democrats of “obstructing” – when the Republicans hold the Presidency and majorities of both the House and Senate.

For a moment, let’s forget how disingenuous it is for Trump to accuse the Democrats of “obstructing” while taking credit for the “accomplishment” of the appointment of a new Supreme Court Justice – when the confirmation of Justice Gorsuch was possible only due to the blatant and dubiously-ethical 10-month obstruction of the nomination of Merrick Garland by Mitch McConnell.  http://www.latimes.com/opinion/editorials/la-ed-supreme-court-nomination-20170131-story.html

For a moment, let’s ignore the false claims that Trump has accumulated massive successes despite opposition, events that either have no basis in reality or have no relationship to any actions taken or implemented by Trump.

Those are issues typical of Trump’s near-psychotic grandiosity and constant dishonesty.

But let us pay close attention to and not dare to forget that the advertisement goes on to declare that the Democrats and multiple members of the media are “enemies.”

  • Not political opponents or competitors.
  • Not persons with differing points of view.
  • Not the worthy opposition.
  • Not the free press, looking to report facts and truth.
  • Not journalists with the courage to ask questions speaking “truth to power.”

But enemies.  By definition, hostile adversaries who are seeking destruction and who must be vanquished.

The advertisement warns of enemies while flashing the pictures of multiple mainstream media reporters and commentators, including April D. Ryan, the respected African-American reporter and author who has done nothing more than ask important questions (and appeared surprised when Trump implied that because she is Black, she must be “friends” with the Congressional Black Caucus such that she could mediate setting up a meeting between Trump and the Caucus). http://www.cbsnews.com/news/trump-asks-reporter-to-set-up-the-meeting-with-congressional-black-caucus/

The free press is not perfect.  The free press makes mistakes.  There should be complete freedom to question and criticize the free press as the case may be.

A free press is an essential part of democracy.  A free press is an indispensable part of our open and democratic society.

A free press is the enemy of authoritarianism.  A free press is the enemy of dictatorship.  A free press is the enemy of fascism.

Thus, there is only one conclusion to take from the Trump re-election advertisement that we must constantly keep in mind:

If April D. Ryan is the “enemy” of the Trump Administration, then the Trump Administration is the Enemy of Democracy and the Enemy of the People of the United States.


About David Reiss

I have been a psychiatrist for over 30 years.  After three decades of evaluating and treating over 15,000 persons from every walk of life, I continue to embrace the challenge of understanding, discussing and hopefully providing relevant opinions regarding human nature and social relationships and phenomena.



  1. Not even a year and doing “re-election” ads–this is cringe-worthy to the highest point. How insecure do you have to be to do something so aggrandizing and stupid? Dump’s the actual manifestation of “trying so hard to keep the job you’re not doing the job.” Isn’t that what most people malign congress for? Well, I bet his supporters are praising him for the initiative instead (grumble, grumble…).

  2. How sad for this country that Donald Trump is still potus. He’s proven over and over again that he is the least capable person to ever hold this office. Had the election been an honest one, we wouldn’t be in this mess.
    But, instead of removing him under #25 (because he really is nuts) the White House has become his mental institution. The staff send him gushing letters of praise and try to twist his rampantly abusive messages into misunderstandings that are the fault of the recipient of those messages. “He didn’t really mean what he said”…”that wasn’t his intent”…”the president is new to politics”.
    His accomplishments so far? WW111 is in the works, white supremacy is making a comeback…they want a return on their investment, and…well, I guess that’s it.
    Good job, Trump. You’ve lived up to your expectations.

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