Republicans Need To Get It Right!

By Lorana Hoopes

Any of you who have read my articles (I know, it’s been awhile – I needed a political break) know that I was not a huge Trump fan, but there are a few areas I think he has gotten right.

One of them is Health Care!

Trump is completely right that Republicans got elected on Repeal and Replace and yet they didn’t do it. Mitch McConnell claims it’s because Trump doesn’t realize how slow things are in Washington, but they shouldn’t be that slow.

Here are some things that would make health care immensely better:

  1. Open it up across state lines. We all know that competition keeps costs down, and allowing companies to sell across state lines would keep the costs down for everyone.
  2. Continue to cover pre-existing conditions. I do think this is important and should not be taken out. People have no idea when they will come down with something astronomical like cancer and that should be covered regardless.
  3. People should be able to take as small of a policy as they need and add on when they want. Eighty-year-old women don’t need maternity coverage but they might need long term care. This would allow everyone to get the healthcare they could afford and add on options when they need it.
  4. There should be discounts for healthy people who take care of themselves. Don’t smoke, don’t drink, work out? Discounts. Auto insurance companies do this with grades and good driving records and why do they do this? Because those people are statistically less likely to need insurance to pay out on them, so we do the same for healthy people.
  5. I don’t think there should be a tax like Obamacare had, but maybe a fine like auto insurance. You’re supposed to have auto insurance – it is the law, but not everyone does it. However, you get a ticket if you get pulled over and can’t provide it, so we do the same for health insurance. If you go to the doctor and don’t have insurance, you pay a fine. That money should go into a fund to help people who truly need the help.
  6. The government needs to look into hospital prices. I believe there are some extreme markups going on that could be cut and make the prices more affordable for all. It’s similar to free college for all – I’ll talk about that later this week – but free college is not the answer, holding colleges accountable and making them lower their rates is.

This is just a small list of what could be done. The problem is that we are still too polarized. We either want it completely conservative or completely liberal and that is not reality.

So take Planned Parenthood out of health care. It shouldn’t be covered anyway, but leave pre-existing conditions in. Keep the requirement that everyone needs healthcare, but allow them to pick smaller policies they actually can afford and allow them to add other coverages as they need.

Here’s a piece of advice to you, Mitch McConnell. If you were in the private sector and took this long to do something you promised, you would be fired. It is reprehensible that we allow you to keep your job under the claim that “things are slower in Washington.” That is just an excuse for you to keep getting paid while not doing your job, and we are sick of it. So, man up and get it done or step down and let someone who can take your place, but you don’t get to keep your different healthcare plan or get paid for life. When you are no longer a senator, you no longer get paid. It’s as simple as that.

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