Nazi Rally In Charlottesville Ends In Violence: Trump Sends His “Best Regards”

By Jason Taylor

What took place in Charlottesville was not necessarily unique in recent American history, however, in my opinion, it further exemplifies the disturbing and deeply growing divisions in America that show no signs of abating any time soon. As usual, Trump gave his canned comments, in this case, condemning the violence in Charlottesville while telling everyone how wonderful America is, yet, directed no comments towards the white nationalists involved in the violence, of course, because they supported him.

White supremacists are alive and well and are the new Tea Party of the Republicans. Where are the voices of good Republicans and Christians and the Jewish organizations? Where are the clear unequivocal statements about the violence and death brought to VA? Politicians are more worried about the mid-terms than doing what you know is right. Republicans control the US political system (The Presidency, both houses, the Supreme Court, most state legislatures, and governorships) and yet cry victim, claiming they are misunderstood, mischaracterized, etc. by the liberal controlled press.

How precisely are these jokers oppressed? Do they get incarcerated for minor drug possession? Deported from the only country they have ever known? Paid 70% of what their female counterparts get? Have to be examined before they can get Viagra? Banned from traveling because of their religion? Stopped for driving while white? Have their health care for men’s health gutted? Stopped and frisked because of how they look? Banned from military service? Have their marriage rights attacked? Threatened with rape?

You have a president that campaigned with a continuous litany of racist and xenophobic sentiments. He said in essence “Hey I’m a racist, it’s o.k. for you to be one too.” And so they have crawled out from under their stones feeling legitimatized by the man in White House.

Racists don’t need a statue of a Confederate general to spew their hatred. It has been there all along from our earliest days as a country when someone was always targeted as an outsider. Slavery of black people and native Americans is a theme written in the very soul of this country and has resulted in what is a political move by this administration to divide and conquer. All the innuendoes from our 45th President and the Republicans stroke racism and anti-Semitism, anti-immigration tropes while the myth of “whiteness” rises in a country increasingly diverse. This could be the beginning of the end of democracy. It has less to do with that statue of Robert E. Lee and much more in our definition of who we are as a people upholding the ideals of the American Constitution.

I do sympathize with the haters, somewhat. It is all about the loss of power and influence. When your position in life (to a large degree) has been determined by being born into a particular race and now that is less of a factor and you see “lesser” people taking positions of influence, a kind of desperation takes over. They are trying to reclaim their birthright. Trump is president because of this reclamation — their last ditch effort to cling to the past. They are not willing to accept that they need to compete for jobs and position. Unfortunately, what they want will continue to stifle economic growth and prosperity. Things will still continue to deteriorate. They are today’s cultural and social Luddites.

You elect a man-child tyrant into the White House, expect destruction and chaos from his followers. Trump’s main themes from his campaign and rallies (and laughably still ongoing) are hate, lies, blame, condescending views, racism, division, and humanity’s rawest emotion, ANGER.

Trump created this cesspool of negativity and his supporters just dive into it believing that America finally accepts discrimination and racism since the corporate-bought media like CNN and Fox News already normalized Trump’s crazy rants and discriminatory views. Now, after reading some of the comments, it appears his right-wing supporters are still in-denial of their Dear Lord Orange blaming liberals for this incident. There’s no rationalizing with these types of people because they are consumed with hate and they still cast blame and deflect from the truth.

You don’t have to be a scientist to know who is to blame for America being in chaos at the moment, both inside and out with internal conflicts from Americans and external conflicts like a likely nuclear war with North Korea.

So many male Trump supporters with a mindset of “white victimhood” seem to blame others for their own bad decisions. I’d be interested to know how many of these men worked two or three jobs to put themselves through college or professional training — key to being competitive in the 21st century? I know many minority immigrants and children of these immigrants who did just that, and many more young women who have been doing so In recent years — while large cohorts of their entitled white male peers put little effort into schoolwork, drank, hung out and played internet games. Now, these laggards are bitter and angry to be on the losing end?

Nazi enthusiasts in 1920s and 1930s Germany resented Jews partly because many Jews adapted to and often participated in the country’s transition to modern culture, knowledge and economic models. These Germans hated Jews partly because their successes reminded them of their failures and inadequacies. A similar dynamic is present in the rise today of male-dominated white power movements and internet messaging steeped in racism, anti-immigrant fervor, and rancid misogyny. And how horrifying this dynamic is essential to Donald Trump’s and the GOP’s craven quest for absolute power at any price.

Our president is indirectly responsible for opening the door to this sort of behavior. His personal actions and words combined with the hateful, racist, divisive bigots he has chosen to surround himself with, whether he realizes it or not, lends strength to violence and hatred. Since he is denouncing what he promotes hypocrisy reigns paramount where he is concerned. Get used to it folks, his election has empowered these folks to act as they see fit.




  1. I’m surprised that I can still be amazed at the level of bungling this administration has sunk to. I’ve never thought that the KKK or any white supremacist group should be allowed to gather under the rights of the constitution. They are homeland terrorists and should be treated as such. American born Taliban members are arrested so why should these thugs be treated any differently? Trump is a complete failure. His condolences to the injured people at Charlottesville was as moronic as when he “congratulated” a Purple Heart recipient instead of thanking him for his service. This idiot has no clue what he’s doing and we must insist that he is impeached. He can’t seem to criticize anyone who helped him get elected. That includes David Duke and his KKK and related organizations as well as Putin. Does he really think we don’t pick up on that?
    I’m wondering, did he bring the nuclear button with him on THIS vacation?
    So many wars…so little time. God help us.

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