Is There Power In Not Caring? No

By Michelle Scheeland

Saturday, August 12, 2017, in Charlottesville, Virginia, yet another useless display of hate took the life of an innocent person. Her name was Heather Heyer, a Charlottesville native, who worked as a paralegal and sought only to stand for love and unity. It seems a waste to lose such a person who was a pillar of society and added love and warmth to the world. Why did this have to happen? People, understandably, want to rise against evil and squash the injustices of those who would seek to destroy the racially cohesive culture that so many worked so hard for so long in this country to create. What if no one gave these indoctrinated, crazies a second thought and let them have their little tiki party by themselves? What if there is power in not caring?

Well, folks, there’s not. You have to care. If you or anyone you know doesn’t care about what took place in Charlottesville, that’s a problem. Not only for you but for all Americans.

The point in having a rally is to enact change; make a statement. They wanted a reaction because they’re upset about a historical Confederate statue being taken down. What if the city saved money on disposal and gave them the statue to put up in their hillbilly, back woods play house? This removes the statue and saves tax dollars. It also creates quite the entertaining picture as these individuals have to problem solve how to actually remove the statue, assuming they actually want it. There is nothing like having a group of gripers like this put their money where their mouth is by saying, well, if you want it so bad, take it. This also gets them the heck out of dodge because they’d have to take it home, likely after fighting amongst themselves regarding who gets it, but that would have been their problem as well. I imagine their statue removal process involving papers with crude stick figure drawings, sparks flying from 4 x 4 trucks adorned with Confederate flags and broken axels with a bronze Robert E. Lee bungee on like those scary mattresses you avoid driving behind on the freeway. Imagine the Youtube footage that could have been had from that?

it’s one thing to exercise free speech, but when you do it with symbols that are so abhorrent to many people in the country it is no longer free speech.

Further, why not let these people rally by themselves in an impotent attempt to get attention? The more importance placed on a person, group, word, and so on, the more power it has. The cross is a talisman and the Bible is a book but they have power because people believe in them. Hate groups are only relevant to themselves and those who make them relevant. Had no one showed to counter protest, those who enjoy harming people, be it those in hate groups or those who crash protests to incite violence, would have only hurt each other or simply stood there talking amongst each other looking like the ignorant idiots they are.

Instead of possibly risking a violent reaction, because that is what these groups thoroughly enjoy, by having a counter protest in their face, why not have a community “Eracism” barbeque on the other side of town full of fun, laughter, and unity? Moreover, schedule an event that, essentially, counter protests the stupidity in a safe place where people can truly experience the unity and not care about the morons dancing around in mommy’s sheets crying about a statue. Counter protest can mean having a great time doing everything a hate group fights against, without having the stress and/or nausea related to being anywhere near them. As a matter-of-fact, the more attention a fun, tension-free, counter protest draws in, the fewer people there are to stick around to entertain a hate group’s crazy.

Now, Heyer’s death was not her fault or the fault of anyone who was engaging in peaceful counter protest and in no way is this article suggesting that as even a remote possibility. Her tragic and untimely death was solely the fault of the shell of a man that did it. This article is merely offering another form of counter protest that may be more enjoyable and can completely cut out those who are unworthy.

Have you ever seen that big statue of Hitler in Berlin, the one dedicated to the bravery and pride of the young German soldiers who ‘fought courageously for their traditions and what they believed in”? Oh, you haven’t seen that. Because it doesn’t exist.
There’s a reason for that.

As a great man said, “Great men cultivate love. Only little men cherish a spirit of hatred”, Booker T. Washington.

*Eracism, was a club formed in 1995 at Lancaster High School, in Lancaster, California by the man who was the head of security at the time. Whether or not the club still exists is unknown.

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  1. You know, I love that idea of an eracism event. Invite people to another place in the spirit of true community. That would be fantastic. Wish I’d heard of it sooner, because it seems protests and counter-protests now are going to get worse as sickening behavior’s on the rise. So, they’ll probably start making protesters and anti-protesters be far apart from each other. While one screams hate, the other could be like a communal party. I love that.

    I just don’t get why these racists seem to love Robert E. Lee so much. I guess I’ll have to see if I’ve got his memoirs on my shelf next to Jefferson Davis’ doorstop about the rise and fall of the Confederate Government and read them a lot earlier than I’d planned. I didn’t even know Davis wrote a book til I went browsing one day–and it’s a monster, probably repetitive as hell. I gotta wonder what these guys were thinking in those days…my curiosity knows few bounds. And why racists love these guys so much–is it they’re symbols or was it ideological?

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