Trump Is ‘Locked And Loaded’?—?Ready For ‘Fire And Fury’

By Jason Taylor

We’ve been the full circle on all the reasons why Trump is unsuitable as President. We’re waiting, still waiting for an action to remove him from office. And urgent diplomacy. Meanwhile, this is the moment he’s been waiting for all his life. Finally, he’s in a position of untouchable power.

The most powerful man in the world. And truly believes he is. Now he wants to prove it to the world. And truly believes he will. The ultimate vent of years of pent-up anger having failed at everything he’s done. Face set. Mind made up. He truly believes he’s succeeding. We now know what he means by America First. Trump first. The World (b)last. Revenge against all those disbelievers. Without regard for consequences (he never had to) or respect for others (he never needed to) or accountability (he’s always passed the buck). In his world, he always wins. So, what does he have to lose?

On the same day that Donald Trump threatened non-specific military action against North Korea, and contended that his despicable comments denigrating U.S. diplomats and local employees in Russia were just “sarcasm,” the President opened a new front in his rhetorical war on the world, saying that he would “not exclude” military action against Venezuela. I’m getting the feeling that all these impromptu press conferences the President has been giving lately all have the same purpose.

He’s feeling the hot breath of Special Counsel Robert Mueller on his neck, and he is casting around for an issue to distract the press from the fact that the walls are closing in on his administration. All this flailing is understandable, given that the President has no actual skills other than those appropriate to a snake-oil salesman, but we are getting close to the point where one of Trump’s ill-considered remarks could actually start a war. This is political malpractice on an epic scale, and raises the following question: when will the Congress, the remaining adults in the Executive branch, and the American people themselves decide that they have had enough and must now begin the process of removing this travesty of a President? The clock is ticking, and Trump’s folly grows.

What Trump fails to realize is how destabilizing his comments are and the first strike against North Korea could send the world economy into a tailspin not to mention the significant loss of life on both sides. China is already pushing back on the US for challenging its sovereign claim to the fabricated islands in the South China Sea, so he shouldn’t count on too much help from China if he attacks North Korea. It’s time for Trump to step back, be silent and let his people handle diplomatic negotiations. Our military option won’t go away, but the opportunity to peacefully resolve this situation has an expiration date.

Not to remove any responsibility whatsoever from Trump, but he is not the only high government official pushing the world to the brink of nuclear war. Senator Lindsey Graham made the same nuclear threat against North Korea before Trump did. So have Generals Mattis and McMaster within the last two days. There is clearly a faction of the U.S. governmental/military leadership pushing for this conflict, whom Trump has now latched onto.

Trump is making us as unstable as many of our potential enemies. The dollar is declining, Congress is in shambles and the stock market will likely follow soon. Our military remains strong. He needs to pick a fight, somewhere/anywhere, but soon, so we don’t notice these other things. North Korea happens to be saber rattling now when he needs this, it could just as easily have been Iran or a short list of other countries. War is the greatest evil. It should never be used as a political tool.

Trump is now and always has been a bully. His solution is always to threaten to use force whether actual or legal. He always expects the other person to totally capitulate to him. While an extremely wealthy business person can get away with this temperament and still succeed, there is no place for a personality like this in a president. Remember all his complaints about Obama’s vacations? Yet here he is on vacation at one of his own properties while threatening nuclear war and not even bothering to return to D.C. Maybe he just wants to run up the tab that we taxpayers are paying to the Trump organization.

Meanwhile, he has no ambassador to South Korea ( and many other nations). His Secretary of State has no assistant secretary and wants to cut his own budget 31% and apparently is getting involved with mundane details instead of focusing on getting the Department staffed and the major diplomat. Hopefully, we will never again be fooled into thinking that successful business people (which Trump is just marginal at) will make good national leaders.

What’s most troubling is the President’s lack of respect for the State Department and our Diplomats. His comments yesterday regarding Putin’s removing a significant number of embassy staff from Russia demonstrates his disdain for diplomacy. So what’s left? A standoff with two of the most unstable leaders in the world and each with a nuclear capability.

At first, I viewed all this as just more hype and soon it would die off. But not now. Each of these individuals is now boxing themselves into a corner with only a military option to work with. I have no confidence in Kim Jong-un and even less so with Trump. Kim Jong-un has been practicing this military action rhetoric for years, Trump is new at the game, and his “locked and loaded” statements are “childish”. And all his close advisors are “Generals”; Kelly, Mattis, and McMaster. That is a most dangerous mix.

Trump has not succeeded in any endeavor he’s taken on as president. He’s consistently misjudged everyone, made ill-informed moves, and blamed everyone for his failure to lead. Now people trust that he’s making the right decision by provoking another nuclear power? How can anyone trust that he’ll get us through this in one piece? The man is all instinct — and they’re the wrong ones. He’s not smart. He’s not calculating. He’s not strategic. He’s blundering into WWIII.

This isn’t a funny reality show anymore. We’re on the brink of nuclear war with an idiot in charge. China has pledged to come to the aid of the North Korea if we initiate the first strike. Trump has left no room for himself to back down — and we know he never backs down, even when it’s in his (and our) interest to do so.

We’re not playing dress up at the White House anymore. It’s time to change leadership.

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