Our Hearts Are With Charlottesville

By Lorana Hoopes

When Trump won the Republican nomination, one of the things that worried me was that he had a large following of White Supremacists. I am in no way saying that Trump is one, but when he didn’t denounce their support as strongly as he should, it felt like he was accepting of their ways, and he never should have been.

One of the worst things this country has done has become more divided on race and it didn’t start with Trump. When people were saying they voted for Obama simply because he was black or they didn’t vote against him for fear of being labeled racist, it frustrated me. When did we become so focused on the color of people’s skin that we stopped looking at the people themselves?

Now, we have white supremacists protesting the removal of a statue and protesters protesting the protesters. Several have already been injured and at least one person has been killed. Another has been charged with murder after driving a car into the crowd, and two police officers were killed in a helicopter crash while coming to help.

This violence is senseless. If, like me, you believe in the Bible, then you know we all came from the same two people: Adam and Eve. Even if you don’t believe in that, take a look around you at the people. They are the same as you. They are mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, sons, and daughters. They have people that love them just as you do.

I think President Trump needs to take a strong stand against this, and he needs to focus on ways to unify the country, not just based on color but on other issues as well. We are starting to no longer be a melting pot, but be separate food on a plate that can’t touch each other, and that is not healthy for a nation.

For those in Charlottesville, my heart is with you. My prayers go out to you tonight for safety, for peace, and for healing. For everyone else, hug your loved ones dearly and pray for healing across this country.

Lorana Hoopes is an author of children’s books and clean inspirational romance novels.Her books are available at Amazon.Heartbeats series Wishing stone series Star Lake series


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