Trump’s Schoolyard Bully Antics With North Korea Need To Stop

By Jason Taylor

As par for the course for Donald Trump, his solutions are pathetically uninformed and create more problems instead. Ratcheting up the panic levels via irresponsible spouting off is getting us nowhere. There is a diplomatic solution to this problem and that’s the only real solution. The question is “Do we really want Trump calling the shots in this high stakes game of chicken”? It’s time for Congress to wake up to the fact that we have a crisis on our hands, and the crisis is Trump.

This crisis is entirely one of Trump’s making.

Yes, Clinton, Bush, and Obama have wrestled with North Korea’s nuclear weapons issues with diplomatic talks. And granted, they were not able to halt weapons development. But so far, no one has died. No missiles have been fired. No bombs have been dropped. Trump’s rhetoric, his “fire and fury” comments, may change this. Trump is eager to heat things up, create tension, provoke a fight, start a battle, humiliate someone, show who’s “boss.” Trump staged unnecessary conflict and drama in his “Apprentice” conference rooms for effect. But now he’s filming on a larger set, with the world as his stage. He’s a bully itching for a fight, looking for any excuse to throw a punch.

If Trump launches a nuclear strike, nothing else will really matter anymore. Hillary’s e-mails, the Russia inquiry, Comey’s firing, Mueller’s investigations, replace and repeal, conflicts of interest with Trump’s businesses — all of this will be scarcely noticeable under the blast of a nuclear weapon. Just as Hiroshima and Nagasaki are etched into the consciousness of mankind, any nuclear strike will be indelibly burned into the history of humanity. Thus, Trump will demonstrate how powerful he is, and how insignificant we are.

To a rational person with a sense of history, A threat of ‘fire and fury such as the world has never seen’ can only mean nuclear attack. Yet, Mr. Trump says he is “open to talks.” Does he even understand the implications of the things he says? He sounds like a boastful 8-year-old, playing with his toys, when he says, “We are sending an armada. Very powerful. We have submarines, very powerful.”

Does Trump, or his much-vaunted base, understand that what Trump is talking himself into will likely mean that North Korea will hit Seoul with a massive amount of sarin gas and any nuclear response from us means that Japan will be faced with the fallout? This is just insanity. To put our allies in this position is despicable.

This is like a bad dream. You can see what’s about to happen but are powerless to stop it. This entire crisis was avoidable. Trump is unnecessarily escalating on a public stage. It borders on criminality that Trump can so callously throw around such irresponsible and provocative language which, if it were to happen would come at the expense of innocent lives. It is outrageous that having a night to sleep on and think it over, this is what Trump and his advisors have come up with. This more than anything proves Trump has no master plan for dealing with North Korea. Last week when asked he stated, “We’ll handle North Korea. We handle everything.” Is this what he meant?

At this point, I have to believe that the GOP wants war so they can keep their stranglehold on the USA. What’s better than destabilizing the world and the country, in order to stoke more fear? And fear is what the GOP needs to keep their train going. At the cost of potentially hundreds of thousands of lives and who knows what environmental damage. Deplorable is too kind a word for who the GOP has become. If they truly loved this country (more than their money and power) they would hurry to DC to fix this mess and prevent the worst case scenario.

Trump and Tillerson are the rankest of amateurs but Mattis, McMaster, and Kelly are not. When will one of his beloved generals sit Trump down and tell him that his childish posturing simply has to stop? Or has the Toddler-in-Chief managed to bully them into submission as he’s managed to do with the rest of his sycophants?

“Clear and present danger” isn’t a phrase normally applied to the occupant of the Oval Office, but these times are far from normal. If he can’t be reasoned with, perhaps a more primal approach will work — duct tape and a straitjacket might be effective.

Trump only knows campaigning, and he only campaigns to his supporters. His tweets and speeches are for them, only for them. Neither Kim nor any other leader matters, nor do any other Americans, and nor does his staff, cabinet, or Congress. He proclaims the faithful cheer. A TV star. Great work, GOP. This is on you and your greed and cowardice. Shame on you.

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  1. Everything that has been predicted about Donald Trump’s inability to govern has come true. All that’s left is the radioactive fallout. That is what happens when an unbalanced, ego-driven “businessman” is given free reign to wreak havoc wherever he chooses. His temperament is so wrong for the presidency, his lack of general knowledge of running a country, his lack of finesse in handling tensions with other nations…all of these were put before the powers that be even before the election. The GOP could have shut him down, should have shut him down a long time ago, (it seems like he’s been in office for years instead of months).
    To let this baffoon continue on his path to war is unconscionable. His party is to blame for this mess. N. Korea has been itching to start something for a long time. Maybe we would eventually have to take action against them to defend ourselves and our allies, but to let Trump escalate this situation simply because he has no self control with his mouth is not in the best interest of this nation.
    I predict Donald Trump will not be remembered favorably in our history books, if we survive to have history books at all.

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