To Russia With Love and to Hell With Everyone Else

by Lauren Wynn

On Thursday, the President of the United States literally thanked Vladimir Putin for ejecting 755 U.S. diplomatic personnel from Russia. His reason – albeit a faulty one – was that it would reduce the U.S. payroll and save him money. Some speculated that Trump was being sarcastic while others argued that he wasn’t capable of such an advanced form of communication.

The statement, outrageous though it was, paled in comparison to the remainder of his rambling stream-of-consciousness presser that followed. At the close of a national security briefing at his Bedminster golf club, Mr. Trump took us on a twisting turning tour of his gray matter that covered every topic from transgender troops to North Korea to Afghanistan to the future of Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell. He even revisited his two favorite topics: Hillary Clinton and the election win.

At times, his hyperbole was comical — all things Trump are the biggest, the best, like none the world has ever seen – but at other times, it was frightening. His continued escalation of the war of words with North Korea raised fears of an actual war where the cost is in lives, not in bruised egos or challenged manhood.

The attention junkie, high on the drug of his choice, was unstoppable. Despite his team’s best efforts to get the President to stop talking — including Press Secretary Sarah Sanders holding up a “One More Question” sign – The Donald continued his verbal geyser of heated rhetoric for over twenty minutes. Presidential historian, Douglas Brinkley, likened the event to “a dam that had suddenly burst free.” Unfortunately, we know what happens when a dam breaks: it imperils everything and every one downstream.

As his staff behind the scenes attempts to mop up the messes caused by yesterday’s deluge, his spokespeople are singing his praises. (I’m sure there’s a musical theater joke lurking in there somewhere, but I’ll resist the urge to make it.) I hope that they all got a good night’s rest, because no sooner was the sun over the horizon this morning than their junkie was back out there, seeking another fix:

Either fortunately or unfortunately, depending on your perspective, his addiction to praise and attention is now backed by the full power and capability of the U.S. military.

Like a kid with all of the coolest toys, Donald Trump is daring Kim to make the first move so he can show them off. His delusions of grandeur come with a price he was never personally willing to pay, but which many braver, more noble souls have. His win-at-all-cost attitude is his way of saying, “to hell with you” to our allies, our troops and our nation.

To that, I say, ‘right back at ya, Don.’


Caricature credit: DonkeyHotey

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