It’s Time For Democrats To Take Charge

By Jason Taylor

President and Mrs. Obama warned that the presidency does not change one’s character, but rather, puts traits under that brightest, hottest light. So it is with Trump. He is not rising to the occasion. The consequences for his impulsiveness, immaturity, vindictiveness, deceitfulness, and ignorance have gone up since the campaign, though.

Trump was all visceral as a candidate. He used that ‘gut effect’ very cynically, but its potency was enough to give him the electoral college. But now, he is supposed to move beyond the emotional manipulations and instead lead. Being who and what he is, Trump can’t. Policies, to Trump, are wins or losses for him on paper. Global relations blow hot and cold with his moods. Power is given to the undeserving and exploitive. Checks and balances are nuisances. So, with nothing to win over more people, and stale lines for his base at rallies, Trump has no gauntlet to throw down for Democrats. And with no prospects on the horizon to raise his domestic standing, look for Trump to ratchet the fear and outrage by continuing to turn up the heat on North Korea. Trump’s visceral talk there is looking like it will blow up in our faces.

This problem is multi-pronged, and I’m feeling every one of them. I won’t tell you where. But not only do we have a president who wouldn’t know what to do if his hair caught on fire, we have a Congress of high-minded Republicans who don’t have the backbone to condemn a crotch-groping ignoramus, as well as a populace who thinks this defective narcissistic excuse for a man has their backs. If this grotesque, unread, self-deluded lying liar who prowled the debate stage snorting like a lion with a sinus infection could win the presidency, then we have a much bigger problem than taxes, health care and over enthusiastic campus liberals. We’ve got a country that doesn’t deserve better than what they’ve got.

This man should have gotten no more than five percent of the looney right-wing white supremacist vote. Instead, he beat a sensible candidate who had some flaws, but whose flaws fell on the normal curve of political expectations.

We’re plummeting into the abyss, and we’re still trying to figure out how to fix this meltdown. But it’s beyond fixing. Every Republican who could take the president’s place is worse than the last. Each has supported this so-called president to feather his own nest, and to get a shot at squeezing more out of the poor and middle classes.

My great fear is that the Democrats are so fixated on Trump’s failings as President and as a human being that they ignore the real reasons he won the election. Things are not alright with America. The 2016 election results were not a fluke. Both parties, both Democrats, and Republicans have been complicit in creating the enormous economic imbalance that is strangling the middle class — — the very foundation of a stable democracy. If we don’t wake up and fix the negative impact of money in politics and start re-leveling the economic playing field, Trump will seem like a bit player on the march to a true dictator.ship Those who do not understand history are doomed to repeat it.

The Democrats real problem is a division between establishment Democrats and Berniecrats. Trump attracted voters who would have preferred Sanders, but Bernie was pushed aside by a Democratic establishment that no longer appeals to young people, laborers, and small business people. As long as all the Democrats have to offer is Republican lite, too many voters, especially young voters, will stay home instead of coming to the polling booths. Clinton managed to win the popular vote even without energizing young people, labor, and small business. Get those voters and the Democrats rule. And the way to get them is with a rebuilt economy that promises economic justice for more than the top twenty percent.

Donald Trump connects with his white American minority of voters in their gut, specifically these three bacteria in their gut:
  • Alba superiores (white superiority)
  • Dives cultus (rich worship)
  • Ignorantia sit beatitudo (ignorance is bliss)

Trump’s candidacy — and his viral, fatal Presidency — was a delicious bacteria frappe of these incredibly destructive bacteria strains that have reduced many American minds to mirror bovine spongiform encephalopathy and all of its wretched symptoms.

Trump’s foaming at the mouth, rabid voter base, which has largely been steeped in Republican Know Nothing Spite Solution for 35 years, proudly demonstrates and trumpets its neurological defects and the cerebral short-circuitry of its Trumpeter-In-Chief: progressive dementia, memory loss, weird personality changes, hallucinations, anxiety, paranoia, obsessive-compulsive symptoms, psychosis, and rigid posture. Trump’s base is the angry ‘Repeal Obamacare’ coalition that enjoys the ACA when the Fake News channel and their hate radio is turned off.

Trump’s base is comprised of alt-right Christians who seem hellbent on being anti-Christs. Trump’s base drinks a fresh glass of this famous LBJ quote each morning: “If you can convince the lowest white man he’s better than the best-colored man, he won’t notice you’re picking his pocket. Hell, give him somebody to look down on, and he’ll empty his pockets for you”… and then pretends there is no racism in America.

Democrats should acknowledge that Trump has identified the problems that all working class whites and rural America, but then point out that Trump is unable, even with a Republican Congress, to offer any practical solutions to these problems. They have a case in point with the failed GOP effort to repeal and replace Obamacare – so now Democrats should offer their solution to fix the problems with Obamacare.

They should also proactively offer constructive solutions to reform the tax code and rebuild infrastructure. By doing so they could preempt GOP plans already in the works. If “A Better Deal” already does this, Democrats need to start promoting their plans nationwide at the grassroots level with town hall meetings and nationally on TV. While Trump continues to swell, the Democrats need to grow – smartly and rapidly. 2018 will be here before they know it and they can’t afford to waste a waking minute.




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