Trump’s North Korea Military Transgender Crossover

By Tiffany Rodgers

Trump has truly just out trumped himself. He was speaking about the North Korea situation earlier today. He stated that his “fire and fury” comment from yesterday probably was not strong enough.

He continues by stating that he is backed “100% by the military – we’re backed by everyone.” Everyone? What about the transgender folks that he is banning from the military? Are they included in this statement? Last time I checked, transgender people are still JUST people.  Here is what Trump said about them:

Trump is doing the military a great favor? How? By banning some of our military personnel? How is that a favor of any kind? What is so complicated about this? I am extremely perplexed at the reasoning behind this.

Americans that want to serve our country should be able to serve. It should not matter the gender, race, marital status, amount of tattoos, hair color, political party affiliation, etc. The only thing that should matter is their dedication to this country and their physical ability. Being transgender, or even just being female, does not automatically mean that they are not physically able.

The only people that seem to be having confusion on this issue are bigoted judgmental people. What happened to human rights? Or even equality? When did America step back into the 50’s? (Cute clothes, but very close-minded)

Someone needs to tell Trump that “100% of the military” includes transgender personnel. He is pushing to start a nuke fight with North Korea and decided to alienate a good chunk of our current serving military. What is more important to him? The safety of our country, or spreading even more division and hate? I stand behind every #LGBTQ person who has fought, is fighting, and will continue to fight. They are just as vital to the program as anyone else.

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