Trump’s Inability To Recognize Consequences Is A Grave Danger

By Jason Taylor

Trump has failed and refused to educate himself about the impact of his words as President. He speaks as if he is still just a real estate dealer and reality TV star, who need not worry about the Global consequences of what he says. Past Presidents, even those who came in with limited experience, had the sense to surround themselves with professionals who could advise them and they had the restraint to listen.

It makes no sense to point your finger at Obama only. This crisis developed under every President since Reagan. If you think Obama is at fault, then you must also think every President since Reagan (GOP or Democrat) is at fault as well.

The reason no President could do much is that there really isn’t a good solution here. No one wants to start a war that could kill hundreds of thousands, destroy Seoul and Tokyo, involve China, and possibly start WWIII. There is no solution, other than to accept that North Korea has nuclear weapons, and know that if they attack, they will be destroyed. It’s mutually assured destruction, a policy that has governed over China and Russia having nukes as well.

Because he has no idea what he’s doing, Trump doesn’t understand that by threatening North Korea he makes America look weaker. These kinds of things can’t be said of a hostile country, but only through diplomatic channels — not in public. Of course, Trump is appealing to his frightfully unsophisticated base, but that’s just an accident. He actually thinks he’s handling North Korea better than any other president could. There in lies the danger.

The US can’t attack North Korea preemptively because they’ll launch on South Korea, killing hundreds of thousands, at least. And, because North Korea has no intention of launching a nuke at the US — they’re just playing the power game — Trump’s words are rendered empty. Shocking, I know. Mr. President, please leave diplomacy to people who know what they’re doing. You have zero capacity for leadership. By threatening a weak little nothing of a country you make us look weak. If a reporter asks you a question about Kim Jong-un’s threats simply say “we can handle North Korea. Next Question.”

It’s terrifying and revolting that the so-called leader of our nation is so emotionally unstable, quick to anger, impulsive, and utterly ignorant of history and the present. We have been under a relentless psychological assault from the Trump administration since day one of this catastrophe. Now, this cancer has spread to the wider world as Trump makes inflammatory threats against an unstable, nuclear-armed nation. This is utter insanity.

Equal to my genuine fear that Trump will blunder and bluster his way into a war is my utter contempt for the Republican members of Congress who have been content to smile and applaud as this unhinged lunatic seethes and tweets our nation and the world into ruin. Are there no patriots left? Are there no sane individuals left? Are Republicans so cynical that they’d risk a nuclear war over tax cuts?

Tillerson remarked that Americans should sleep well at night, but that is cold comfort to our allies in Asia, especially South Korea. It would be easier for North Korea to strike them than the continental USA. Trump’s inflammatory remarks yesterday are upping the ante when saner rhetoric is needed.

The combination of Trump, who is childish, impulsive and ignorant, with Tillerson, who is in way over his head, is extremely dangerous. So much for the hope that General Kelly would impose some discipline on White House messaging. We can only hope that our allies can assist in calming the situation and that the rest of the world realizes that Trump’s words have little meaning. How sad for the USA. In just 6 months, Trump has reduced us to the status of a petulant child that is not worthy of respect and incapable of leadership.

You know what’s scarier than our Dear Leader threatening nuclear war? The fact that no one in Congress, no one in our military, and no one in his own Cabinet is doing anything about this. We have an insane man as president of the United States, who is limited only by his imagination and the laws of physics. This is quite literally the truth. Oh, and something else that’s even scarier? The fact that there is very little public outcry from our citizens, beyond submitting tweets of concern, or calling into AM hate radio shows. Why tens of millions of us aren’t in the streets right now is also insane.

There will come a time in the not-too-distant future when the world will ask those of us who did not vote for this mad man — what did the rest of you do to try to stop this insanity? At this point, we have very little to show for ourselves. Folks, an administration such as this one is what happens when the sane half of our country is too afraid, too demoralized, or just simply too tired to resist.

And one more thing that’s scary? The fact that we’ll look back on this time as the calm before the storm.

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  1. Jason this is a great piece once again. Thank you for putting pen to so many’s thoughts and concerns regarding the state of our Nation under this abominable POTUS I continue to pray for our Nation and the world…may God bless us ALL

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