#TrumpChicken “Fire and Fury Sale”

By Tiffany Rodgers

During these stressful uncertain times, we can all use a little distractive humor in our lives. If you have not heard of this #TrumpChicken, it is rather hilarious. One can only imagine the kind of rage it is causing Trump.

Can I just say that Trump’s stupid haircut looks just as stupid on the chicken.  Seriously dude, you are wealthy and this is the hair style you have chosen! Has no one in his life had enough guts to tell him to chose a different look?

Twitter is enjoying this well-deserved humorous distraction as well.  Laughter is the best medicine folks.

It is pretty sad that #TrumpChicken is way more popular than @realdonaldtrump. I think a special election is due! Vote for #TrumpChicken!

Today’s humor antidote is brought to you by the letter ‘T’, as in #TrumpChicken. Also by the number ‘0’, as in real Trump’s successes in the White House thus far. Enjoy the twitter fun and have a good laugh today!

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