Conservatives Find A New Enemy In Silicon Valley

By Jason Taylor

For as long as I can remember, those on the right have extolled the virtues and perceived necessity of letting employers hire and fire at will, to maintain control over the business and their investment. Suddenly, however, this idea goes out the window, as the right manufactures yet another “free-speech” crisis to support its specious view that the right is a “victim” of some kind of liberal conspiracy.

What has shocked me wasn’t the cartoonishly simplistic views of this fired Google worker but the cartoonishly simplistic justification from much of the anti-liberal Left to justify it.

The ex-Google employee expressly stated that many fine tech workers were women and that they should be judged as “good” or “bad” employees on their merits. What his memo did though was to question the foundational premise of the tech industry’s female outreach — that the sole reason for a shortage of women in this area is social rather than inherent. It’s the age-old “nature/nurture” debate. For the record, he did not state he views women as “subhuman” (something I found several persons asserting along with a surprising quantity of other misstatements about his “memo).

Google missed an opportunity to engage this guy (who is the tip of an iceberg in SV that is just as libertarian as it is leftist) and discuss openly why his claims were simplistic, but also why efforts toward overcoming cultural bias are critical even if there are also gender influences.

Google wants the matter to go away. It is being used even now by women claiming wage discrimination and its lawyers are making arguments that might as well come from NewsCorp justifying serial sexual harassment at Fox News. Like all corporations, Google wishes to have its cake and eat it too. Google might not be able to solve the industry’s problem but it is damning that they cannot attract, inspire, train, and promote women in greater numbers.

Google is practicing its at-will employment rules, which conservatives have championed for decades. It states that the employer can fire anyone, for any reason, at any time, the only exception being in cases of illegal discrimination.

This latest incident and complaint against Google shows that the right isn’t conservative anything, it’s just a whiny special-rights-for-whites group. Which is fine, but they need to stop pretending like somehow they are above special interest politics. On the contrary, they are in favor of protecting special interests, as long as the interests are theirs.

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