Trump Lies As Freely As He Breathes

By Jason Taylor

The default position in human communication is “true.” We would not have survived otherwise. Imagine the contrary, where we have to assume that whatever is said is wrong, untrue.

There’s a ( probably nothing there) tiger ( no tiger) behind you ( not behind, not me.)

Imagine a recipe where all you knew was that the ingredients were wrong and the instructions were wrong and in any case did not relate to the ingredients. When we accept “Lie” as the default, we might as well not speak because no information can be transmitted and nothing we say could be acted on. When it is the default position, we cannot even take a guess at the truth through the nature of the lie, because the nature of every lie becomes the same: all we can glean is that whatever is said, it is not truth, which resides unreachable in an infinite universe of something else’s.

As Timothy O’Brien wrote in his 2005 book, Trump Nation:

The City planned to build a convention center on the 34th Street site and needed to buy the Trumps’ option to do so. Donald sprang into action.

“Trump told us he was entitled to a $4.4 million commission on the sale according to his contract with Penn Central. But he told us he’d forgo his fee if we would name the convention center after his father?—?the Fred C. Trump Convention Center,” said Peter Solomon, the city official who negotiated with Donald. “After about a month of knocking the idea around, someone finally read the terms of the original Penn Central contract with Trump. He wasn’t entitled to anywhere near the money he was claiming. Based on the sales price we had negotiated, his fee was only about $500,000.

“But what really got me was his bravado. I think it was fantastic. It was unbelievable,” he added in a 1980 interview with the New York Times. “He almost got us to name the convention center after his father in return for something he never really had to give away. I guess he just thought we would never read the fine print or, by the time we did, the deal to name the building after his father would have been set.”

If the Sinclair Network gets the OK from the FCC, “Trump TV with Boris Epshteyn” will be spreading lies and propaganda for the Liar in Chief all around this country with their “must run” reports! As if Trump’s lies need any more repetition. How can this be happening in this country? We’re losing our democracy right in front of our eyes.

Trump is pulling off the greatest con of his career of never ending cons. He tells his people, you are suffering because of what “they” are doing to you. Look what “they” are doing to me! In one fell swoop, he links himself to the forgotten masses. They are all in the same boat. They are kindred spirits. He is their champion. Trump understands and will deliver them. He will deliver them alright. He delivers them a big gift-wrapped box of bald face lies each day. They can’t get enough of the poison.

The lies are all based on victimhood and whining. Look what they are doing to us. I will fight them and defeat them for you. I will make deals for you. I will save you. But he can’t deliver. His promised utopia is a colossal fabrication. No one can produce what he has promised. Trump is then destined to fail.

He can’t stop the con because he is the con. So he whines. He blames the system. He blames anyone and anything that does not profess absolute loyalty. He wants all to grovel in front of him like Mike Pence. Trump is then the ultimate victim. He is failing because of his victimhood. They did this to me just like they have been doing it to you. It’s the perfect con, the ultimate con. Tens of millions of voters fell for it and still do. You did this to me. That’s how a carpetbagger gets away with it. Trump is the best carpetbagger that ever lived.

There is no art or artifice to Trump’s lies. In fact, their barefaced audacity is a violent departure from what had been the norms of our political tradecraft. To portray them as different in degree but not in kind is dangerously dishonest. Characterizing a televised rain soaked crowd inhabiting a half-empty mall as an overflowing throng of sun-drenched supporters is not artful lying. Characterizing those who believe such lies as political supporters are artful lying.

Previously it was a fatal error for a politician to tell his supporters to read something from his lips that proved to be a lie. To the cult of Trump, there is no such thing as truth independent of what is read from his lips.

In the age of mass communication, the danger of this loosening of truth from its objective moorings cannot be overstated. There are no more natural barriers limiting the disruptive scope of the world’s Sabbatai Zevi’s. Ergo the main stream media needs to eschew squishy labels like fabrications and unabashedly label barefaced lies barefaced lies. The longer it delays the larger may become the number of those who claim to have been amongst the multitudes gathered on the sun-baked mall to hear trump oratorically best Lincoln at Gettysburg.

Trump will lie when it’s important, like colluding with Russia and lie about trivial and inconsequential details, claiming that the Boy Scouts called to congratulate him for example. It’s almost as if he lacks a prefrontal cortex. However, the avalanche of falsehoods tends to reveal his own most troubling thoughts. We understand why he wanted to attack Blumenthal, but why insert Vietnam into the discussion..unless that’s also an issue from his past that gnaws at him?

I expect his behavior will serve as a case study for decades to come, assuming the earth survives his presidency.


  1. I keep feeling like this is a glitch in the Matrix and it just hasn’t resolved itself yet…because other than in some warped other-dimension, how the hell could all this have happened? Well, throw enough stuff on the pile and I guess it tips over into something resembling garbage. Heavens…I can’t even imagine what we’re gonna look like a year from now, let alone play the historian game and think about how we’ll see all this 50 years from now.

    Getting a headache, signing off…I’ve got punching bags to beat (not Cap style–too out of shape for that, but I wish I could!)

  2. Great piece! Really relevant too. It was one of my greatest fears that Trump would con America to think they are victims and he too was a victim and ONLY he had the power to save them. That he would deminish the Free Press to the point that the 1st Amendment itself would be imputed to the point of irrelevance. Your piece encapsulates that perfectly.

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