Trump Starts Monday Off With A Twitter Tirade

By Jason Taylor

It was quite the quiet weekend for Donald Trump on Twitter. There was none of his usual Sunday morning Twitter storms, just a few here and there tweets. Most of the Nation caught some video of him on his “working vacation” at his golf club in New Jersey over the weekend. Monday’s a new day, and this morning Trump lit up his favorite social media outlet with a barrage of very angry tweets.

Has Trump raised the bar on what untruths we are willing to tolerate from politicians? I think not because most people don’t consider him a politician. To his fans he is a God and as such can write his own rules. To the rest of us, he is a game show host with some severe personality disorders and no political credentials.

In the end, it’s all about expectations. If Obama had lied at the Trumpian level even his base would have been angry because we had a loftier perception of him and his veracity. So much so that, the “you can keep your healthcare plan” statement, which believed at the time, was considered onerous. We have no such expectations of Trump and so his lies don’t affect our perception of him. They just confirm them.

Trump is a pathological liar which is a disorder and certainly not good for America. He is the same as a con man and has conned those that voted for him. He continues to sidetrack his responsibility at our expense. It is scary to know that people support his unethical behavior, a dumbing down for American politics and our government.

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