Robert Mueller Could Care less About Trump’s Red-Line

By Jason Taylor

Donald Trump’s “red line” warning to Robert Mueller apparently has fallen on deaf ears as the investigation enters a new phase with requests to the White House for documents. What was once a “nothing burger” has now reached into the Oval Office where President Truman’s “kitchen heat” reference promises to become a full-fledged out-of-control inferno that could engulf this administration in flames.

It’s difficult to believe that the president was unaware of his former national security adviser’s involvement in money laundering and dirty tricks on behalf of a foreign government. Because of Flynn’s connections with Turkey, Russia and Japan and his global influence, it’s a wonder that the president didn’t nominate Flynn to be secretary of state. Flynn had to amend his financial disclosure forms three times and Jared Kushner had to amend his SF-86 applications several times and still didn’t get it right. There is a distinct pattern here, and a paper trail that leads directly to the White House.

Trump doesn’t like Mueller going beyond the Russia investigation. Why not? What is he hiding? If the FBI, NSA, CIA wanted to investigate my dealings with the Russians, why would I object? If Trump is innocent, which I doubt very much, then it is understandable that he is very worried and scared stiff. Especially if Mueller goes into his crooked financial dealings here and in Russia, including cheating on his taxes. His goose is cooked and he knows it. By now, he feels the noose tightening around his miserable neck so he goes on an extended, and undeserved vacation, from where he will have to decide to stay, be impeached, kicked out of office, or simply resign cutting a deal not to be prosecuted.

The money trail keeps getting more bizarre. Is there anything Trump and his cronies won’t do for a buck? Is there no line? I guess that’s a rhetorical question as the man with terrible credit and a worse business reputation somehow managed to keep up appearances all these years and someone was footing the bill. His son said it was the Russians and I’ll take him at his word. Trump and his band of grifters sure know how to live on other people’s money no matter what the source and what is promised to get it.

If the White House has the documents that are being requested, it would show that the White House staff knew or should have known of Flynn’s criminal conduct. If various people claim that others did not know of the documents, then someone will be culpable for concealing what should have been fully disclosed up the chain of command. If there was concealment, then someone was conspiring to permit Flynn to violate the law or assist in avoiding detection.

Mueller will seek to learn who had access to these documents when they accessed the documents when the documents were forwarded or discussed with others. Ultimately, Mueller will make a deal with someone lower in the food chain to make his way up the chain of command. In the end, the question will be can anyone believe that Trump was ignorant of the full facts surrounding Flynn. The answer to that question will not be pretty.

Robert Mueller is an honorable man. This confuses the president, who doesn’t know the meaning of the words (or a lot of other words, for that matter). To defend himself, he might try to squelch Grand Jury testimony by claiming they’re nothing but a bunch of leakers. But assuming that doesn’t happen, it’s great to imagine our man in the Offal Office between a metaphorical rock and a hard place. If he tried to fire Mueller, all hell would break loose. Congressional Republicans, who can’t abide the bitter reception they get at hometown meeting halls, might like to have a plausible excuse to distance themselves from this nut job of a president.

If Mueller found the nut job or his intimates clearly guilty of collusion, the pillars of ignorance, greed, and bombast that support him would crumble. Even Sarah Huckabee Sanders couldn’t put a positive spin on that. If he tried to pardon himself, all pretense of respect would evaporate. He’d be left all alone, and no one, neither Democrat nor Republican, would be forgiven for seriously considering any of nut job’s tweeted edicts. It would be all over.

Clearly, we have hired an incompetent leader. When companies do that sort of thing, they relieve their executive of their duties and bring in either fresh talent/ideas or proven experience to guide them towards their goals. If you spend any time reading the news or watching it, even badly, it becomes painfully obvious that this man is playing a game — with his staff, the Presidency and the American people. Basically, that’s all the man has to offer. He needs to go — not after his term, not when the next scandal erupts, not after breakfast — TODAY.

Any respect he ever had from anyone is gone. No one can lead effectively under that scenario. Impeachment is a word that comes to mind or simply asking for his resignation. There is too much at stake for this circus to continue.


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