Trump Tries To Keep His Evangelical-Conservative Base Close

By Jason Taylor

This coalition of Evangelical jihadists is Trump’s sole support. An Italian Jesuit magazine (La Civilta Cattolica) closely linked to the Papacy has criticized the self-flagellating radical American Catholics who have aligned themselves with this coalition as an ‘ecumenism of hate’ pursuing the creation of a “xenophobic and theocratic state.”

Truth be told — Trump’s base practices a warped brand of Christianity whose theological roots defended the practices of slavery and segregation, and continues its tradition of the oppression of women and the LGBTQ community — evidenced by Trump exorcising his decades-long established tolerance for the gay community in exchange for pats on the back from Family Research Council President Tony Perkins and other like-minded Christian Jihadists. What a marriage! A man who has confessed to sexually assaulting women with his groping hands and bum rushing naked teenagers in pageant dressing rooms have hitched his star to a coalition of American Christians so toxic that the Vatican condemned them with a 21st-century version of Excommunication.

America’s Christian Shariah Law Warriors — the soft American version of Saudi Arabia’s Wahhabists, jihadis and radical religious fundamentalists — have found a wonderful false prophet to worship. Together, Prophet Trump and his spiteful soldiers tear down America’s separation of church and state, empower unfettered Greed Over People, try to rip healthcare and the minimum wage away from the least among us, and generally spread the heavenly glory of Trump’s anti-Christlike presence. A grifter, a groper, a serial liar and snake oil maker, America’s medieval, religious, radical right blindly worship America’s most famous lowlife.

The need for universal mental healthcare for all Americans has never been greater.

Trump’s core supporters are NOT conservative in an ideological sense. They don’t support free market capitalism and its inevitable drive towards globalization; trickle-down economics; cutting taxes on the rich to unleash growth; free trade; cutting Social Security (as Ryan advocates). They aren’t fiscal conservatives; they don’t place a high priority on balancing the budget or reducing the federal government’s debt and Trump will do the opposite.

Trump galvanized them because they felt shunned by the conservative Republican Party. Trump’s core supporters are white ethno-nationalists. They feel the nation used to place them, their identity and beliefs, at its core and no longer does, so make America great AGAIN. They tend to be rural and small town residents, white evangelicals. They are pro-gun, want to recriminalize abortion, ban Muslims before they introduce sharia law, kick out illegal immigrants, cut legal immigration in half, and eradicate affirmative action because it discriminates against whites. They’re often called “social conservatives.” I’d call them white ethnic nationalists. Read Jeff Flake’s book to understand the difference. He’s a Goldwater conservative.

The conundrum for liberals and moderates is that the 20 to 30 percent of the electorate that is hard-core Trump/nationalist is geographically distributed in such a way (especially across the rural South and the Rocky Mountain/Plains states) that gives them a disproportionate impact in national elections, thanks to the arcane Electoral College and Congressional gerrymandering.

Conversely, liberals and moderates, the remaining 60 to 70 percent of the electorate, are largely aggregated into dense urban and suburban areas, thus making it easy for the GOP mapmakers to clump them together and dilute the collective impact of their vote. In addition, the hard-core right is highly activist with a high election turnout rate, thus further amplifying their electoral power. This is in contrast to Democrats who, even with a good candidate, often have to struggle to get their own voters to turn out in an election (it was relatively low turnout in the cities, compared with Obama’s, that ultimately sank Hillary in the critical Rust Belt states).

In short, all of these structural factors amplify the impact of the Trumpists in our elections and give them a collective voice in our system far greater than their sheer numbers would warrant.

As with every other constituency, this Trump alliance is purely transactional. Ayatollahs of the Christian right bring their toxic brew of misogyny, fundamentalism, science denial, and intolerance to the altar of governance by delusional outburst. How long is it sustainable? As long as the nest of vipers in the White House manages to keep fooling the religious culture warriors with predictable torrents of nonsense which some of them actually believe. Because Trump is so skilled at selling his own brand of snake oil, by the time the ayatollahs catch on to the scam, it will be too late to save what shred of dignity they have left.

Everything Trump is doing will backfire on him in due time. The evangelicals do not care one bit if their “friend” is a congenital liar, adulterer, and con man, as long as he does their bidding. Despicable.

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