Sessions Is Targeting Leakers To Make Nice With Trump

By Jason Taylor

Being President is not the same as being on a reality show and creating your own version of the truth. Trumpworld is fiction and he lies. Their motto is, “all lies, all the time.” He is frustrated because he cannot cover up his actions. I am just happy there are patriots and people with a moral compass in the White House who are putting out the truth. With all the crimes and misdemeanors going on in the house of Trump these leaks are going to turn into a flood. Trump cannot hide from the truth it will come out no matter how hard he tries to cover it all up.

How are we to take ‘leak’ investigations seriously when we know the AG is not just an established bigot with white nationalist fantasies, but complicit with the administration in colluding with a hostile foreign government’s designs on undermining our public institutions?

Jeff Sessions has zero moral authority. He is a criminal unto himself, lying repeatedly about his contacts both inside and outside the U.S. working to undermine election results and to facilitate propagandizing lies about opposition candidates. This is a corrupt and illegitimate installed-via-soft-coup administration, attempting to establish a white nationalist authoritarian rule, and cynically engaging in the nominal use of legal and administrative functions to suit their agenda. There is no way these wannabe fascists won’t persecute perceived political enemies as ‘leakers’, nothing they do can be trusted.

Is ‘leaking’ bad in legitimate administrations? Sure… But ‘leakers’ saved us from Nixon and the GOP, and leaking is the ONLY technique that will save us from these monsters. The American people deserve to know what’s been done to them. Americans just need to face the fact that their government finds that the escape of real facts via leaks makes it difficult to market alternative facts to the populace. The government’s inability to lie freely, recklessly, and without the check of a robust and inquisitive press threatens its electoral security.

How many of the leaks were of genuinely classified material? Or is it just that this administration has so much sleaze and chaos that any look inside makes it look bad? I realize that the transcripts of telephone calls between heads of state are generally considered sensitive, but when our president lies to the public about them, then releasing the transcripts is a reasonable remediation. The American people deserve to be able to trust the chief executive, and when he is patently, provably untrustworthy, we need to get the real facts.

There are leaks and then there is whistle blowing. Whoever exposed the Donald Trump, Jr., meeting with the Russians I’d put in the latter category. The leaks that President Trump is so upset about do not involve classified information, they concern information that is embarrassing to him personally. When he does stupid stuff, we deserve to know it. When he makes a fool of himself talking over the phone to the Prime Minister of Australia, we deserve to know that, too. He works for us.

I find the lack of self-awareness in this administration both scary and hilarious. To proudly announce that there are more leak investigations being conducted than ever bypasses the central question, why are there so many leaks in the first place?

Instead, as appears to be Mr. Session’s operational mode, he hopscotched from the designated problem to arrive at the punishment thereby connoting a desire to attack it preemptively by intimidation while hunting down the sources and ignoring the source of their obvious discontent. Nor did he address what constitutes a leak, a word that has ofttimes been appropriated by the president and his defenders inaccurately or indiscriminately.

Many seem horrified at the dissemination of the transcripts as a bridge too far, but the basic gist of those discussions came out months ago probably from the other leaders or their staffs reacting in concern and distress. While it indeed seems appropriate for any president to be able to have frank discussions with other leaders that are not privy to the public, we now have a president who tends to leak himself as the most unreliable narrator most of us have seen in our lifetimes.

Perhaps the reason for the tripling of leak investigations has less to do with enforcement and more to do with the number of leakers. When you’ve got an administration that flouts the nation’s laws like the present one, and a President who lies with the same ease that most of us breathe, you’re going to have more government workers who will try to get the truth out, even at the risk of their own jobs.

 Keep the faith, America–and keep leaking!

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