Trump Signs Russian Sanctions Bill, Calling It “Clearly Unconstitutional”

By Jason Taylor

Donald Trump is finding out that he does not have the powers he admires Putin for having. How ironic that this eureka moment comes on the nearly forced signing of the Russian sanctions bill. With a veto proof majority, Trump had no choice. I am hopeful there will be more of these. Maybe it will prove to be the first time in our history that the president was cut out of “the loop.”

Vladimir will not be pleased, and that’s a good thing. As Bill Browder testified last week, this sanctions issue goes to Putin’s personal wealth. Most of his $200 billion is stashed outside of Russia. These sanctions prevent his ability to get at that money.

It’s one small step in reining in an imperious and so far “failed” presidency by asserting the essential “checks and balances” by the legislative branch over an inept executive. Let’s also hope the move to “repair” Obamacare instead of the President’s demand to let it “fail” is another such step. We need reasoned, stable leadership rather than tempestuous Twitter storms. Perhaps the Republican-controlled Congress has finally realized this and is, as Sen. McCain urged, ready to return to responsible “normal order.”

I am troubled that it was ever in doubt that President Trump would sign this sanctions bill. This should have been a foregone conclusion. A president who truly loved and understood our democracy would have been pushing for these sanctions from the outset.

So when so when is our gutsy President going to utter a peep about our embassy staff reductions in Russia? Guess he sent Pence to Estonia to say something tough. It surely does look like Putin has something on the Donald that’s as good as a muzzle. While it’s reassuring that someone can control the biggest loudmouth in America, I do wish it wasn’t a hostile foreign power.

It’s only a matter of time that Putin retaliates — personally against Trump. He knows Trump’s hands are tied now. So, now that Putin can’t easily influence American policy, he’ll do what his initial intent was: sow uncertainty and chaos in America, cast aspersions on American political system, and democracy as a whole. He won’t do it one shot. He needs to prolong it for maximum benefit and ridiculing America, American values, and American respect in the eyes of the world. Trump should expect a drip, drip (pun intended) from Russia. But, Trump was right in one way: the world IS laughing at us… ‘MAGA’ was the greatest political scam in the history of American politics.

Can you imagine the Congress having to craft a Russian Sanctions legislation limiting the authority of Trump to lift them, that speaks volumes of Trump’s incompetence and the lack of trust the entire congress has in him. We have a clown in the Oval Office and he has to be baby sat to not doing any damage to our country.

Trump’s first piece of major legislation and it is to curb his own power. Talk about winning!

One comment

  1. Score: America 1 – Trump 0. Finally, Trump is forced to do the right thing and it’s clearly killing him. Claiming the sanctions against Russia are unconstitutional should be yet another buzzer going off for Mueller. How could Trump think that and still be on America’s side? It shows his loyalty to Putin is strong. If this is the only way the balance of powers can get anything done, I say keep up the good work! Go around this slacker of a president and work without him.

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