The RAISE Act: Trump Wants To Slash Legal Immigration

By Jason Taylor

Donald Trump, of course, backs a bill that will keep out non-English speaking immigrants. They forgot to mention those of non-European ancestry need not apply. I’m not surprised that a bill of this nature was crafted by hardliners like Tom Cotton and David Perdue. I’m certain that puppet master Bannon is well pleased. Trump will be delivering on his campaign promise and will also deflect some of the heat from the Russia investigation. The religious right must be very upset with this new policy as it contradicts Jesus in every way. Perhaps they will change the golden rule to love thy neighbor unless he does not speak English and have a good job.

Not a day goes by without a new backward thinking policy by this group of boobs…as long as Trump can bring in immigrant help to make the beds and clean the dishes at his golf resorts, farmers can go without people to pick their crops, restaurants can go without prep cooks, and landscapers can do without seasonal help. Maybe you should talk to these people more, and find out how difficult that it has become to run their businesses, and how local people don’t show up to fill these jobs, but who cares…as long as they vote for you.

This is not going to increase jobs for working class Americans. There are millions of jobs right now that remain unfilled. The reason is that the people with the skills and drug-free profiles don’t exist. That’s why we need immigration, especially in the high tech fields.

Instead of closing the door on people that can bolster our society, perhaps the GOP could increase the number of government funded vo tech and other technical training schools so these folks can acquire the skills they need to compete in the modern economy. We might want to throw in a bunch of drug rehab centers to get them off of opiates and booze so they can pass a drug test. That’s what I call investing in social infrastructure which something markets can’t do. Only the government can make those investments.

Closing down our borders to those who start businesses and build a life here will only decrease economic output. The forgotten masses will stay forgotten unless a pathway for them is established, no matter how much we close the door. Trump doesn’t understand that.

The best part is during Steven Miller’s press conference, he cites Canada and Australia as two countries that use merit-based immigration. OH OK. So it’s okay to cite how other countries do things when it works for them, but not for us. Canada and Australia have universal health care. Cite them for that!

If Trump hadn’t inherited money from his father, Trump himself would likely be someone who couldn’t get hired. Nobody would want to hire him because of his belligerence, profound rudeness, need to disrupt everything around him, dumb faith in his personal superiority, his need to always be right, tendency to fight with people, lack of respect for other people. Trump’s money has allowed him to lead a charmed life that most people as crazy and anti-social as he is would be hard pressed to manage. Let’s not normalize his terrible problems because he was born wealthy.

What this bill does, in essence, is greatly reduce family-based immigration that has been the great majority of immigration, and significantly expand the employment-based migration that is currently 14% of immigration. The great majority of that 14 % are coming on H-1B visas, sponsored by their employers who claim these individuals have unique skills and they cannot find a skilled American worker. In my opinion, the H-1B visa program IS merit-based immigration. Imagine that program expanding. And imagine U.S. citizens unable to bring their parents or adult children to the United States.

It is unreasonable to expect high skill immigrants to come to the US, work here, produce jobs and contribute to the economy, and then we turn around and tell them they cannot support or bring their parents or siblings to the US for a better life. Why should they sacrifice everything while the US treats them like third class citizens? Why should they be condemned to being dis-unified with their families, just for wanting to have a better life? Obviously, there is a racist angle to this bill.

Didn’t Trump say during his campaign and also during his attempt to ban Muslims, that those who want to legally immigrate to the US have nothing to worry about? Well, I guess they should start worrying.

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