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Ten Takeaways from Trump’s Newest Approval Rating

By Darrell Roberts 

In the latest Quinnipiac University National Poll, President Trump’s approval rating has yet again set a new historically record low. In the aforementioned poll, only 33% approve of the President’s job performance.

Ten takeaways from the newest national poll:

One: The actions of President Trump are starting to catch up to him. Since the last Quinnipiac Poll in late June, those who disapprove of the POTUS’s performance has climbed (from 55 to 61%) while those that approve has fallen (from 40 to 33%).

Two: Americans are embarrassed by President Trump by over a 2-1 margin (54-26%) and a strong majority (63%) do not see him as “sharing their values.”

Three: Even worse, a majority view the President as dishonest (62%), as abusing his power (57%), and maintain that he is “above the law” (60%).

Four: But Trump’s worst trait is being regarded as not level headed (by 71%) followed by his perceived lack of good leadership skills (63%).

Five: Sixty-Nine percent suggest that President Trump should not tweet from his personal Twitter account. An equal number (67%) disapprove Trump’s attacks on Jeff Sessions and they themselves would not wish to work for the President.

Six: The President’s relationship with Russia is seen as somewhat to very concerning (by a combined 60%) but a gap of concern exists between men (53%) and women (67%).

Seven: A strong majority (64%) believe that Special Counsel Mueller will conduct a fair investigation–and a stronger majority (69%) claim an attempt by Trump to fire Mueller would be an abuse of power.

Eight: What will Mueller’s Russia investigation uncover? Based on the poll, six out of ten suspect Trump either did something illegal (30%) or unethical (30%).  Additionally, an almost equal number (58%) believe the President has attempted to obstruct/derail the Mueller investigation.

Nine: A rare bright spot for Trump is the perception that he is both a strong (58%) and an intelligent (55%) person.

Ten: Support is even sliding in groups favorable toward President Trump. For instance, non-college educated whites disapprove of his performance (by 50 to 43% margin), white men are split (at a 47 to 48% margin), and backing among Republicans has dipped below eight out of ten (at 76%).

In review, the President’s approval numbers continue to decline. However, in this poll, the numbers fell sharply from the previous survey (even among his support base). In just slightly over six-months into the Trump administration, Americans have grown embarrassed by the President. Their embarrassment stems from such perceiving President Trump to be dishonest, abusive, out of touch, not level headed, and a weak leader. Moreover, most are concerned about the President’s relationship with Russia and sense that he has already attempted to derail or obstruct the Special Counsel’s investigation. The public’s high regard for Mueller along with a belief of unethical/ wrongdoing by the Trump administration suggests that future attempts to hinder the investigation (such as trying to fire Mueller) will further weaken the Trump presidency.





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