John Kelly Is Merely A Band-Aid For A Cancer

By Jason Taylor

For all the fawning over John Kelly, he is still a person who has chosen to serve Trump and that is an absolute disservice to the nation. All support for Trump is destructive and the Eichmann defense rings hollow for all who have signed on to work for Trump in any capacity. The only exceptions are the dogs used by the military, the Secret Service or those in government before he took office. The others have pledged their loyalty to Donald Trump, which is a degrading action.

The US has chosen as its President a man who lacks any capacity to work collaboratively. He wants to operate as a Chief Executive in a world governed by collaboration and consensus. That world is what we call “democracy” by the way. Trump hasn’t had success leading in this strange world called Democracy and has put the blame on all the people around him (well, you hired them, didn’t you Donald?). Now he hopes a General — the ultimate authoritarian — will get ‘er done. Sorry Donald, but General Kelly is not going to have any better success. Especially as long as you’re his boss undermining his authority at every turn.

Ivanka Trump’s statement on the announcement of John Kelly’s appointment as White House Chief of Staff is telling: “I look forward to working along side General Kelly.” This does not sound like someone who intends to work under, or take direction from, the new Chief of Staff, and it does not bode well for the future success of the latest leader of the West Wing.

Kelly wants to bring “discipline” to the WH. Presumably, also stability and integrity. So, the next one he’ll have to fire is Donald J. Trump.

The clock is now running on Gen. Kelly. It’s unclear what his “Sell By” date is, but the likelihood that Kelly will have a long shelf-life seems small indeed given the circumstances of this deeply sullied White House. The one thing we can be sure of is that when Kelly does leave, he won’t slither away like Priebus, The Mooch, or Spicy. No, when he goes he will make it clear to the public precisely what ethical and moral line was crossed that made his ability to do his job untenable.

The irony of it all; this is a case of the ‘pot calling the kettle black’. President Trump hired Scaramucci because they’re alike. Have we all forgotten about President Trump’s vulgar remarks against woman which included grabbing their private parts. Have we forgotten about the division and hatred he has created in this country with his words, his disrespect for our democracy and laws.

The hiring of Scaramucci was convenient; the President needed him to do his dirty work. He wanted Priebus out and Scaramucci fit the bill. Scaramucci, who thought he was doing a great job, was also stealing the President’s limelight which was probably a bigger concern to the President and inevitably led to his ouster. In the mind of the President, this is his reality show and no one is going to show him up. So much for all of the love and comradery Scaramucci had shown to the President.

I’m hoping against hope that Kelly has installed himself in the White House as a stop-gap measure. Knowing that a Constitutional crisis is likely as soon as Mueller’s findings begin, he may simply be attempting to keep things somewhat contained, as he fully understands how vulnerable the United States is under a blatantly incompetent, unruly and probably mentally ill president? Kelly is known to have been very upset at Comey’s firing and the inhumane manner in which it was done. Could it be that I’m just searching for an honorable person in this very sad and shocking point in our history?

Trump not only likes chaos he thrives on it as the masthead above the fray – so he thinks. Kelly will be able to discipline much of the West Wing, but the Donald? Stay tuned for another change. The Donald can’t help his bad childish habits. He is entitled to tantrums and his “winning game” (afraid of being a loser). Kelly taming the wild one will have to go, eventually. It’s part of the Donald Psychology/Psychotic 101.


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