So Long Mooch, Enjoy The Memories

By Jason Taylor

John Kelly wisely got rid of The Mooch. Hopefully, we’ll be spared more of his drunken barroom palaver. What I can’t see is the intersection of the skill set needed to be a military leader and the skills needed to be a political functionary. Is military discipline really desirable in the West Wing? Will these people buckle under the no-questions-asked military mindset? Does Kelly really understand how to cajole Congressional leaders? Does he understand the mechanics of the Legislative branch? Can he countenance a dictator like Trump? Will he close his eyes to the depravity of Trump’s leadership style? I have my doubts.

The incredible pace of upheaval is so evident in all opinion pages?—?they are out of date within hours of them being published. Writers literally cannot keep up with the avalanche of chaos around this president.

The mooch will be missed if only for his unapologetic public mockery of Bannon. But something built the Trump base and it wasn’t looks, logic or loyalty. It was more likely Limbaugh and Fox-News. While all this outrage at the staged distractions may seem cathartic, it would behoove us keep an eye on what the red-statists are being fed by Fox.

As of the breaking story of the latest embarrassing drama, Fox’s landing page pivoted to all North Korea all the time. It’s the GOP’s answer for their domestic disasters: when in doubt, start a war. Fox is pushing more war, right now, against North Korea and Iran, and their viewers are blind believers in their headlines, and most of all, militarism. If anyone imagines Mooch is/was a problem, just watch what happens as the GOP does their typical misdirection toward mobilizing the military.

This incredibly fast revolving door at the White House is symptomatic of a much larger problem than Monday’s story. It is one more proof that the American people made a terrible mistake selecting Trump as a candidate and electing him as a President.

Maybe General Kerry will clean out the White House. It needs it. Donald Trump cannot govern, he cannot lead and he certainly cannot manage the Federal Government. I don’t look for the General to stay more than about 6 weeks. Too many Chiefs in the White House, not enough Indians. That is the way that Trump likes it. Scaramucci should never have been hired to begin with.

Trump and the opportunists who work for him are mostly what I would expect if Satan opened the gates of Hell and gave its most evil denizens a ticket to the White House. How quickly the United States has devolved into an autocratic, sham republic. I guess our so called democratic institutions were not nearly as strong as we had been led to believe. All it took was one morally challenged con man backed by a corrupt, power hungry Congress to bring it all crashing down.

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  1. I agree that anyone coming in under the Trump regime is suspect, however, I think John Kelly probably has more common sense and self control than anyone in the White House at this point. Scaramucci was the worst nightmare since Election Day. How could Trump think this mouthy, little wannabe could possibly do a good job? I’m sure Trump saw the qualities in the Mooch as matching his own (and, believe me, that is NO compliment). I’m glad that nightmare was over with quickly and we have to thank Kelly for that.
    Little by little the wall of Trumps administration is being breached. Everyday more and more fuel is being added to the fire that Mueller will light under The Donald and his demon spawn children. It would be nice if it could happen a little faster but the wheels of Justice turn slowly. Hopefully, John Kelly will be able to quell Trumps hair trigger with his calm, assertive, military demeanor. It would have been nice, though, if Trump and Scaramucci could have rode off into the sunset together, never to be heard from again.

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