China Says NO to Trump’s Twitter Policies

By Tiffany Rodgers

Trump’s tweeting habit is really a big issue. He divulges information that should be kept confidential. He says whatever comes to his twisted egotistical mind. Other nations are taking notice!

Recently Trump tweeted about China’s involvement (or lack there of according to Trump) with North Korea.

Trump is literally calling out China in front of the entire World. Someone needs to remind the genius in office that China is (and hopefully will remain) an ally (Hey Trump – ally = good – Russia = bad). Well, China isn’t having any of that! Here is there response:

They nailed it right there by calling Trump’s tweets emotional venting! That is exactly what it is! Here is the entire quote from the New York Times regarding Trump’s tweet:

“Trump is quite a personality, and he likes to tweet,” said the Xinhua response issued late Monday and widely displayed on Chinese news websites. “But emotional venting cannot become a guiding policy for solving the nuclear issue on the peninsula,” it said, referring to the divided Korean Peninsula.

That is a polite way of putting it (quite a personality). I, personally, have other ways of putting it, but we will go with the polite way for now! What the Xinhua is stating here is exactly what someone needs to grow a spine and say to Trump. Policy is NOT made over Twitter! Especially on such a volatile situation as North Korea.

China goes on to say:

The United States, “must not continue spurning responsibility” for the volatile standoff with North Korea, “and even less should it stab China in the back.”

Did you read that? China feels we are stabbing them in the back. When did it become the norm to ostracize our allies? They sum this whole debacle up nicely:

“What the peninsula needs is immediately stamping out the fire, not adding kindling or, even worse, pouring oil on the flames,” Xinhua said. The tensions could, it added, “evolve into a localized conflict, or even the outbreak of war, with unthinkable repercussions.”

Trump, you are not “stamping out the fire” of North Korea; you are most certainly “pouring oil on the flames”! Stop instigating Kim Jong Un! Immediately! If you do not the outcome could cost countless innocent lives!

Sarcasm, satire, and snark just seem to spew from my being. I may not be everyone's cup of tea, but who can refuse coffee? ?


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