White House Musical Chairs

By Tiffany Rodgers

It seems the White House has taken up a game of musical chairs. Let me try to help you straighten it all out!

  • Anthony Scaramucci gets hired as Director of Communications (He “sometimes” uses colorful language – sometimes my behind! Also, his wife just filed for divorce due to Mucci’s “naked political ambition”)
  • Sean Spicer the White House Press Secretary exits stage left (with a mini fridge in tow) He leaves due to Mucci’s new role
  • Insert always obstinate Sarah Huckabee as new (for now) White House Press Secretary (She is Mike Huckabee’s daughter – I’m sure that had nothing to due with choosing her)
  • For Mucci’s pleasure, the Chief of Staff, Reince Priebus, exits stage left (It is still up in the air whether he resigned quietly or if our ever amazing Trump fired him via Twitter)
  • Unfortunately for Mucci, he wasn’t promoted to Chief of Staff. That was given to General John Kelly. (He used to be Secretary of Homeland Security.
  • That leaves a very important vacancy in this administration. In order to fill this Secretary of Homeland Security, we have to go through Congress (Let’s all collectively roll our eyes and do a face plant!)
  • Jeff Sessions, Attorney General, is hanging on by a thread (Trump has publicly shunned this man. He hasn’t cracked so far and is still sticking around..once again…for now)
  • The White House Chief Strategist, Steve Bannon, is sleazing around in the background (for now). He is lurking everywhere.
  • Vice President, Mike Pence, is good as golden. (He is Trump’s puppet and always does what he’s told)

I hoped I helped if you were feeling a bit like our friends above. Maybe I have somewhat straightened it out…But of course…This is just for Now! Hold on because this White House Soap Opera is just beginning! EatPrayVote.org will be your key to everything you need to know!


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