Trump Fires Chief of Staff Priebus via Twitter!

By Susan Kuebler

In a move that marks a new personal low even for himself, Donald Trump just announced the firing of his Chief of Staff Reince Priebus on Twitter!

In the ultimate humiliation, he doesn’t even mention the name of his long-suffering, loyal Chief of Staff Reince Priebus until his third, and final tweet.

In many circles, this is known as “damning with faint praise.”

Forget for a moment that it was Priebus, as chairman of the Republican National Committee, who enabled Trump to gain the Republican nomination by orchestrating the floor vote so that no other candidate’s name could be placed in consideration.

Forget for a moment that Priebus was one of the extremely few members of his administration who had a passing understanding of Washington and how it works.

Forget for a moment that, at least publicly, Priebus has loyally stood by a man who openly undermined his authority and respect in the West Wing.

Trump’s announcement, using Twitter, was cold-hearted, ruthless, and totally uncalled for.

The writing was certainly on the wall when the new Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci compared his relationship with Priebus with that of Cain and Abel.  White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer, another operative from the RNC, at least had the sense to resign and retain some modicum of dignity.

By appointing General Kelly, the current Secretary of Homeland Security to replace Priebus, Trump may have created a new problem for himself.  Any replacement for Kelly’s post must be confirmed by the U.S. Senate.  And this is a Senate who might not be as favorably disposed toward the president as it was six months ago.

The other problem Trump faces is finding anyone remotely qualified who is willing to serve a man who has shown absolutely no loyalty to the people who report to him.  Just ask Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

With General Mattis at the Department of Defense, General McMaster as the National Security Advisor, and now General Kelly as the White House Chief of Staff, the Trump inner circle is beginning to resemble the regime of General Juan Peron of Argentina in the 1950s.





  1. And here we go again. Trump just keeps shooting himself in the foot and doesn’t even know it. Does he think this will make his administration more successful? The only way that will happen is if he is removed from office. The blind leading the blind. Dumb and dumber. Call it what you will but the Trump administration is headed for the big cliff. Most people knew this was coming. The big, little surprise was his pet of the week, Anthony Scara-not-mucci. He keeps trying to put these big mouthed, blustery little men in place to defend him and they fall short every time. Trump will learn his lesson the hard way, by impeachment, I hope. Then we can get on with the issues ar hand…North Korea and Russia. The North Korean chub needs to be shown where the bear shit in the buckwheat and Putin…? Who knows what will blow his,hair,back but I assure you, it won’t be Donald Trump.

  2. How much warning did Priebus have that he was out of a job? I’d love to know that. Announcing it on Twitter instead of in a press conference to manage the transition and allow people to save whatever scraps of dignity they may have? Oh, Dump, if you can be a bigger a-hole, I really don’t want to know…this is bad enough.

    I admit I don’t like most of the people Dump picked to run certain departments or positions, and I’d love to see many of them removed. But even so, they at least DESERVE to have the proper press briefing and press release (and maybe a traditional b.s. cover story to try and preserve their dignity) rather than a kick in the teeth–I don’t care what party or president they serve. It’s not right. Twitter? The ruling realm of fake news, rumor, hearsay and innuendo and THAT is how he chooses to dispense info… Idiocracy here we come.

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