Breaking: GOP ‘Skinny Repeal’ Bill For ObamaCare Replacement Fails

By Bobby M.

The latest attempt for the Republicans to get rid of the Affordable Healthcare Act went down in flames just before 2 A.M. east coast time (local time for DC). Senators debated into the night and then held their vote, with the bill failing 51 to 49.

The three GOP senators crossing the aisle to vote with the entire Democrat contingent were:  Sens. John McCain (Arizona), Lisa Murkowski (Alaska) and Susan Collins (Maine). While most considered Murkowski and Collins (intense pressure from there constituents) were going to vote no, not many thought McCain would join them when the chips finally fell. Some are saying that others wanted to vote no too, but did not want to be the ones to actually appear doing so. The fear was that if healthcare was actually replaced with this bill, that the party responsible for doing so would get decimated in the mid-term elections.

John McCain voting no does add another layer to the story however and gives some context to the ‘Maverick’ style he has tried to portray at times in the past. Lately, all he has been for the most part was a lackey for his party, doing whatever they said to do. This was most evident when he publicly supported the man who attacked his military service during the 2016 presidential campaign. Maybe, just maybe, he wants to reclaim that ‘Maverick’ status before riding off into the sunset during his last term. Not to mention, how could he vote against something that just played a part in his battle with cancer?

Who knows how the fallout will go down in the next few days. Obviously, Trump will throw some sort of temper tantrum for a couple days, but then he will move on to other things because all he ever cared about regarding healthcare replacement/repeal was how it was attached to the Obama name. Senator Dean Heller from Nevada may be an interesting story to watch because his governor and the people from his state wanted him to vote no and he went against them. The GOP will try to spin something to save them in the 2018 elections, but many now have the official vote tied to them and whoever running against those parties will make that a focus. Besides, knowing how that party operates, there might be another attempt to mess up ObamaCare in the future anyway, making everyone forget this recent spectacle to some degree.


  1. Perhaps the prognosis for his cancer influenced McCain’s vote: Nothing left to lose, a variation on the disgruntled employee announcing retirement or a job change to a new company saying, “What they going to do, fire me?”

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