Kushner: ‘I Did Not Collude’?—?America: ‘We Don’t Believe You’

By Jason Taylor

It’s extremely hard to believe that the top level of Trump’s campaign staff would attend a large meeting with a foreign adversary and not read up on the email describing the purpose of the meeting. Kushner says he emailed his assistant to get him out of the meeting, let’s see that email. He also does not answer the question of why, when he realized what the meeting was about, he did not notify the FBI. I think uttering “I did not collude” is a complete rush to judgment. Just give us the facts, Jared. A court or Congress will decide if you “colluded.”

Does anyone expect Trump or Kushner to tell the truth? Lying and duping and cheating is their daily business practices. They are not accustomed to being held accountable. Trump barks orders, criticize, wouldn’t know a policy if he tripped over it and now says he can pardon everyone, including Kushner and himself. This is not the stupid stuff about an Arkansas real estate deal — this is about our democracy.

Kushner goes to meetings without knowing what they are about and forgets meetings he attended, even the ones that he needs to disclose in the security clearance form? If the level of his recklessness and oblivion is that deep, then he is not fit for any job, not to mention senior adviser to President.

The SF-86 form for a security clearance has 22 pages dealing with foreign contacts, foreign government contacts, foreign business and other information. Did Kushner actually not fill out any of these 22 pages in a form submitted to obtain a security clearance and we are supposed to believe that was a mistake? Strains credulity especially when he had a high powered Washington law firm assisting him in its preparation. And did Jared Kushner read the form before signing it saying it was submitted under penalty of perjury and not note that 22 pages were blank? I find that hard to believe.

So obviously Kushner can produce that email he sent to his assistant requesting an “escape” from the meeting? That would certainly help show that he’s not a total liar. Otherwise, his written statement seems like a carefully constructed stack of lies…The guy who “forgets” to include foreign contacts on his security forms and doesn’t bother to read emails about the subject of an upcoming meeting with a bunch of Russians can suddenly remember all the details of his polite conversations with various Russians? Sure, ok. And, of course, the fact that he sought high-level contacts after the election is proof that there was no collusion beforehand? Sure.

How are we expected to believe anything Jared et all says to any committee investigating Russian collusion? This administration and its lackeys have elevated lying and disinformation to a new and ugly art form. The Trump administration in six short months has ushered in a surrealistic and most frightening era that can only be described as post-truth. What message is this sending to our children, not to mention the rest of the world? Shame on the rest of the Republican Party for affirmatively promoting Trump’s lies or for silently looking the other way. We, the citizens, who are still capable of recognizing the truth must hold these liars accountable.

The United States has never faced such blatant nepotism in the White House before. Red flags should go up when any national leader puts family members into positions of high power, Bobby Kennedy not withstanding. The practice is common dictatorships because most strong men fear betrayal and make retaining power their top priority. That Donald Trump should follow this pattern is deeply disturbing. Senators should investigate beyond Jared Kushner’s facile excuses.

You may be a successful person in your professional life, maybe high-level management, running a company you started, or simply a valuable employee who’s very good at the job. You have trained, worked hard, and been dedicated and committed to what you do best. Now, in your wildest dreams, your most insane moments, would you ever think you could run the country by being an adviser to the president on a half dozen different issues?

Kushner is in this position. He either has to be unbelievably arrogant, a complete self-deluded fool, or a big time grifter who sees lots of cash coming from his access. But any way you look at it, this is insanity. A third-year student in diplomatic relations would be much more qualified for the job.

Jared and Ivanka have chosen to work as presidential advisers in offices used by scholars, constitutional experts, brilliant diplomats, and others who dedicated their lives to improving the health and welfare of the nation for no personal gain.

This bunch of grifters will never get away with it.

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  1. I wonder how Kushner will reply to the same questions when asked by Mueller “under oath”, perhaps he’ll take his responses a bit more seriously.

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