Trump’s ‘Beautiful’ Infrastructure Plan? There Is No Plan

By Jason Taylor

Republicans spent the last 8 years opposing fixing America’s crumbling infrastructure. Many have said that this was purely to deny giving the Obama administration credit for a big infrastructure program. While I’m sure that was a big part of the reason, the other thing is that Republicans don’t want to pay for it. The important thing, in their thinking, is to give a trillion dollars in tax cuts for the wealthy. Roads and bridges aren’t that important to the class that has its own private jets and helicopters.

“Right now, it doesn’t appear that they have a plan,” said Richard L. Trumka, president of the A.F.L.-C.I.O., who is pushing for more federal spending.

There is no plan and there won’t be a plan. Mr. Trump’s strategy during the campaign was to say whatever the rabid Fox and Breitbart-infused uninformed base wanted to hear. That included things other Republicans would never stand for infrastructure, saving Medicaid and Medicare, delivering great healthcare, being against stupid foreign entanglements among them. But he was clearly punking them. He told us so with the one and only true thing he ever said: I could shoot someone on Fifth Avenue and I wouldn’t lose any support.

Our tattered, antiquated and tremendously dangerous, accident-prone US transportation system will continue to be a highlight of laughter by the rest of the modernized civilized world until we decide to elect a true American political patriot who’s focus and intellect isn’t one which is rooted in his own or his billionaire buddies desire to force everyone but themselves to pay for it.

Our roads, bridges, trains are thirty years delinquent in upgrades all while Europe, Japan and even China all enjoy modern 21st-century bullet and high-speed rail access and safe, well-built roadway and bridge travel. Sadder still, we, supposedly the ‘richest nation in the world’, have the funds to do it. We just continue to elect idiots, beginning with Reagan, who make policies to shield the wrong people from contributing to the funding kitty.

Trump doesn’t know what is entailed in infrastructure reform. His appointees don’t agree with one another. The conservative Republicans are looking for a magic bill where States will foot the cost of major repairs and replacements that they haven’t been able to keep up with for several decades. And they have a clear motive to privatize public services. which I think will backfire.

What Trump has yet to realize, apparently, is that his biggest obstacle to getting anything done over the next couple of years won’t be the Democrats. It will be the most conservative members of the House Caucus who will reflexively oppose any bill which might benefit ordinary Americans. Thus, healthcare and infrastructure each have little to no chance of gaining any traction until at least after 2018. Ironically, Trump should hope for Democratic and moderate Republican gains in 2018, because those two groups might actually work across the aisle with each other, get legislation passed, and Trump, of course, will sign anything if he can claim it as a “win.”

At this point, we have realized that Trump is too absorbed with himself to take governing seriously. “Overhaul our immigration system”? Nope. “Build a beautiful wall”? I hope not. “Great healthcare plan”? Not so much. There’s a lack of direction, follow-through, and attention to detail that permeates his administration.

You’d have to be awfully naive at this point to believe that the White House has an actual “plan” for anything.

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