Sean Spicer Gone Is Not A Good Thing

By Bobby M.

If anyone is celebrating about Sean Spicer no longer being the spokesperson for Trump’s White House, you are not thinking everything through. Just because he left, does not mean any real change will occur regarding the administration. If anything, the changes that will happen will be for the worse.

The same lies that many people blamed on Sean Spicer are going to continue. It was all about the propaganda, not the person that was part of spreading said message. Trump will just plug in someone else to do the lying as we have already seen from every word that has come out of Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ mouth.

In my opinion, his not allowing video taping of the White House briefings was a good thing and that should also be missed. It was much better to hear reports on what was said as opposed to the actual lies. News agencies just did not like it because it gave them less content to be placed on TV. But the truth of the matter is that giving actual television time to the lies helps them spread more. So while some people hated him not allowing video cameras, you should think about how Spicer actually did us all a favor when that happened because it helped contain the propaganda better. Besides, commentary on what was said mattered more anyway.

The biggest loss in this change will be the implications it has on NBC’s Saturday Night Live. Melissa McCarthy doing her skits involving impressions of Sean Spicer were the absolute best things for the show last season. She did a better job than Alec Baldwin as Donald Trump. Think of all of the comedy we will not see now because of this change. Yes, Ms. McCarthy will probably show up one or two more times playing the role, but after that, she will be done. SNL’s impression of Sanders was just not as funny…but what could be as good since McCarthy as Spicer was beyond genius.

So if you are happy about Sean Spicer no longer speaking for the White House in the press briefings, I hope you will temper your enthusiasm. The same things will be said and the lies will be broadcast on television more often. But worst of all, we will miss out on the obvious comedy gold that NBC could have turned it all into for Saturday Night Live.


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