Insanity Prevails In Our Government

By Andrew Witzel

There used to be a time not too long ago where people treated others with respect and dignity. We were all in the fight to protect our American way of life and continue being one of the powerful nations in the world. Over the last few years though, our government supposedly elected for the people by the people has made decisions based on greed and wealth throwing the good of the people to the wind. As if this is not bad enough on its own, the news agencies have been taken over by the same wealthy elite that also owns the politicians by hiding behind non-profit organizations.

Corporations have also joined the party by pumping more money into the corrupt machine that’s been allowed to thrive behind the closed doors of the lobbies that have installed revolving doors for CEO swaps to make pushing their agendas that much easier. Topping the cake is a president that tosses napalm onto the already raging fire that is our government. How insane is it that even the GOP’s party is starting to question the status quo by refusing to support bills written by their own party? Fellow Americans, welcome to the beginning of a government mired in controversy and almost ground to a complete halt.

Some may say that we were already here a long time ago and it’s only been put under the spotlight due to the fact we elected a president that is more comfortable with negative controversy than he is with doing the job the people thought he could do. Clinton, although most likely much more presidential, wouldn’t have been any better for this country. The insanity of a two-party system, as demonstrated with the 2016 elections, is that eventually, you will have two candidates, that both suck equally in their own right and the choice you make is determined by who makes you dry heave less intensely. That isn’t a choice in my opinion, not by a long shot.

The system by which we’ve governed this country is fatally flawed and woefully obsolete by modern measures. The constitutionalists will say we need to preserve the two-party system, but I say we need to have an open discussion about what is right for a country that is now 241 years old. Our freedoms should not be based on a binary system with minimal choice, rather, it should embrace the fact that we’re extremely diverse and sometimes the best person for the job may not fit into the two-party system. Does that make them any less qualified or able to do the job? Probably not, but we’ll never know until something changes.

President Trump says that the White House is functioning perfectly when there is strong evidence all around that contradicts that statement. The GOP is fighting amongst themselves in both the House and Senate. They’re rushing bills through the process to show some level of progress but have stagnated on anything major having only passed minor bills up to this point. Sure, the markets are doing well, but there are multiple factors to support the growth that has nothing to do with Trump or the government. Gas prices are also going down, but oil is a commodity and prices are determined by supply and demand, has very little to do with Trump or the government. What is concerning is that it can all change overnight; the market could have a long overdue self-correction or some country in the mid-east could lob a few rockets and give the oil/gas companies a reason to raise prices $0.30/gallon.

The U.S. Government continuing the way they have, ignoring the people, doing whatever they want and complaining daily about each other is only going to push us further into insanity. Rather than blame the other side, why not do the sane thing and start talking to each other, put the people first and flip off the lobbies. Money means nothing if the economic system that makes it worth anything completely falls apart.

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