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Trump Melting Down Over Failed Healthcare Bill

By Jason Taylor

Who knew health care could be so hard? Apparently, not Donald Trump. In his Tuesday morning, Twitter tirade Trump blames the Democrats, and a “few” Republicans for Trumpcare being a complete and total failure.

The Republican Senate decided that if they can’t break the country in one vote, they will break it piece by piece. The tragedy is that there are people who still believe in the ability of this administration to do anything meaningful. We never had such a dysfunctional administration and a Republican majority that believes in it.

The significant faction of the Republicans that believe in “less government” (some actually believe in “no government”) has scuttled even this terrible health care bill. It proves this faction to be the “my way or the highway” Republicans. Well, all I can say is “thanks.” You’ve saved thousands of lives by shooting yourselves in your collective feet.

At a rally in Sanford, Florida, on Oct 25, 2016, Donald Trump railed against the Affordable Care Act. The GOP nominee called Obamacare a “disastrous law” and told supporters his first presidential act would be to repeal it, and it would be “so easy” “so Beautiful.” 

We’ve been hearing for years now how the GOP has a great health care plan and if we could only get rid of Obamacare we’d all be able to see just how great this plan is. We got snippets of their ideas like selling healthcare across state lines and healthcare savings accounts. But when it came time to put the rubber to the road it turns out that they had no plan.

Seriously, why did the House and Senate have to write up a fresh bill when they’ve been telling us they have a bill at the ready? Was I a Republican voter I’d be ticked off about this. Meanwhile, Trump blames the Democrats for the repeal failure even though they never had any involvement in it. Worse still is that his legions of supporters will dutifully blame the Democrats. If there must be blame, let it rest at the feet of the Republicans where it belongs.

The ethically and intellectually bankrupt GOP has failed in its attempt to take health care away from over 22 million while giving substantial tax cuts to the wealthiest. The GOP now turns to its never-ending attack on Social Security and Medicare. Rather, the focus should be on reducing military spending, closing tax loopholes and creating massive public works projects. As all but the true believers finally see the GOP as the threat to democracy it has become, resistance to Republicanism is essential for a better future.



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