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Ten Takeaways On Trump’s Character From The Latest Poll

By Darrell Roberts 

The second part of the latest ABC News/Washington Post Poll focuses on evaluating President Trump’s character. Trump’s reputation rating offers even worse news than his dismal 36% job approval.

Seventy percent view the President as being unpresidential! 

To review part one Takeaways from the latest poll:

Ten Takeaways on Trump’s Latest Approval Rating

Ten takeaways from the newest national poll:

One: A strong 68% do not view President Trump as a “positive role model.”

Two: However, half (50%) of evangelicals believe Trump is a “positive role model.” But only 19% of 18 to 29-year-olds polled think the President presents a positive image.

Three: Even a high percentage of Pro-Trump groups deem the President as being unpresidential to include 38% of Republicans, 48% of white evangelicals and 55% of non-college educated white men.

Four: The President’s conduct is also regarded as being “damaging to the presidency” by 56% of those surveyed.

Five: It gets even worse for Trump as 57% claim that the more they learn about the President, the less they like him.

Six: Overall, 67% disapprove (53% strongly oppose) of the President’s Twitter use. However, there is a deep division between the sexes as 78% of women while only 58% of men oppose the President’s tweets.

Seven: Additionally, 65% deem the President’s Twitter use is as “inappropriate” while 52% consider his tweets as being “dangerous.”

Eight: The top-five criticisms of President Trump are: 1. acting inappropriately (13%), reasons two and three are a tie at 12% each between being ill-informed and making false statements. Another tie exists at 7% each between complaints number four and five between immigration and health care.

Nine: An additional 12% listed “everything” as the reason they disapprove of the President.

Ten: The top praises for the President are: Speaking his mind/not being politically correct and strong leadership (9% each). Followed by a tie between improving the economy, keeping and creating jobs, immigration, keeping his promises and foreign affairs.

In review, President Trump is unpopular and has a substantial problem outside of his base. With such poor ratings of character, one must wonder how much longer his non-base supporters continue to stand by the President? Furthermore, how much responsibility does the President’s rhetoric (that often utilizes false information and claims) been at confusing the public? Or is the disconnect due to an underlying bias that is being vigorously promoted by right wing media outlets (such as Fox News) that the truth is no longer relevant?

As a general rule, one should not trust anyone that will easily and effortlessly use deception even when there is no benefit for doing so. For instance, President Trump exaggerated about his inauguration crowd–then, it became a topic of partisan dispute. President Trump also falsely accused a few folks of committing crimes such as illegally “tapping” him. This behavior is not only not normal–this conduct is unbecoming of the President of United States. Furthermore, President Trump (and associates) continue to be caught misleading or “modifying” their statements on the latest story that further links the Trump campaign to Russia election meddling efforts.

News or polls that one does not like does not equate to them being “Fake.” Fake is defined as to prepare or make something specious, deceptive, or fraudulent. Based upon his actions, one could reasonably conclude that President Trump (up to now) is a fake President. The truth should NEVER be a partisan issue nor willingly ignored at the sake of mere opinion. The American citizens should always demand the truth of their elected representatives. It really is that simple, folks.

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