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Ten Takeaways on Trump’s Latest Approval Rating

By Darrell Roberts 

In the latest ABC News/Washington Post Poll, President Trump’s approval rating has set a new 70-year record by hitting a historically low six-month rating.  In this latest poll, only 36% approve of the President’s job performance.

Ten takeaways from the newest national poll:

One: Half (50%) of those surveyed claim that President Trump is doing a worse job than past Presidents. A whopping 38% label President Trump as “much worse” to only 17% that declares he is “much better” than his predecessors.

Two: Ineptness to pass his unpopular legislation seems to be saving the President’s approval ratings from sinking even lower. For instance, his/GOP health care plan (24% approval) is overwhelmingly less popular than the current Affordable Care Act (50% approval). Heck, the percentage of those seeking a new plan (17%) combined with the undecided (9%) is slightly higher (26%) than Trumpcare (24%).

Three: On Trumpcare’s proposed Medicaid and tax cuts, 63% responded it is more vital “to provide health care coverage for low-income Americans” while just 27% favor tax cuts instead.

Four: The ineptness of others also seems to benefit Trump. Over half (52%) claim the Democratic Party “just stands against Trump” to only 37% that believe the party “stands for something.”

Five: Trump’s ratings also appear to benefit from Obama’s economy. The President narrowly receives a favorable 43% mark which edges out the 41% that disapprove (with 16% still uncertain) of his handling of the economy,

Six: Nearly half (48%) view the President as having made America’s leadership role in the world “weaker” while only 27% think the US has grown “stronger.”

Seven: Despite the President’s claims of being a “great negotiator,” a convincing 66% of the surveyed do not trust him to negotiate with other world leaders. This number remains identical when asked specifically about Trump’s ability to negotiate with Russia’s President Putin.

Eight: Despite the US intelligence agencies “high confidence” that Russia meddled in the 2016 Presidential election–31% still believe there was no Russian interference while 9% remain unsure.

Nine: Perhaps in a surprise (or not), seniors (66%) think Russia tried to influence the 2016 election at a higher rate than the younger adults (55%) in the poll.

Ten: Based on approval ratings, a typical Trump supporter would be an elderly white evangelical male that lives in a rural area and does not have a college degree.

In summary, the President’s approval numbers continue to slowly dwindle as the ongoing Russia saga continues to develop. However, the poll suggests that the President’s approval rating remains bolstered by economic optimism, inability to pass his unfavorable legislation, and a less than favorable view of the Democratic Party.

Great news! This is only the first of the latest ABC News/Washington Poll.

A second release is scheduled that will expand on President Trump’s ratings. 

So, anticipate another “Ten Takeaways” coming soon.  

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  1. Darrell Roberts // July 17, 2017 at 2:27 pm // Reply

    Thank you, Marla. The Trump presidency seems historically significant but not in a right way. To me, it appears like a case study or a real test of American democracy.

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