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Senator John Cornyn Promises A Vote On Healthcare (Deathcare) Bill

By Jason Taylor

The fact that the Republicans can’t guarantee a positive vote on their miserable sham of a health care policy tells us all we need to know about its value to the citizens of the US.

Senate Majority Whip John Cornyn, R-Texas, said the debate over the Senate GOP’s healthcare plan will be an “open process.”

“This is going to be an open process where anybody on the Democratic or Republican side can offer an amendment, and it will get a vote,” Cornyn said Sunday in an interview with NBC.

The only way to get a decent health bill passed is to build on the one this nation already has. The pluses of the ACA far outweigh its flaws. And the only way this can get done is through bipartisan cooperation. Why on earth this self-serving, special interest group of Republicans ignores doctors, nurses, as well as the majority of Americans who want most of Obamacare to remain, not only defies logic but also is downright cruel.

Meanwhile, as we watch this game of greed played by Trump and his congressional troops, the one law we do have is weakened through government neglect and irresponsibility. One final question: Who provides Mr. Cornyn et al with their Cadillacs of health insurance policies? I think we all know the answer re these “government employees” elected to represent the people -us — needing and deserving the same.

Cornyn told NBC that Republicans will “keep trying” to pass a plan to repeal and replace Obamacare if the current proposal fails, but conceded his party may have to start over.

“At some point, if Democrats won’t participate in the process, then we’re going to have to come up with a different plan,” the Texas Republican said.

Though he didn’t specify as to the timing of when a vote on the health care bill would take place, Cornyn said the Senate would move forward once McCain returns to Washington.

“I believe as soon as we have a full contingent of senators that we’ll have that vote,” he said. “It’s important we do so.”

All this nonsense is ridiculous. Just because the Affordable Care Act has been dubbed Obamacare, everyone wants to expunge it. Please act like normal human beings and work out the kinks, providers will again offer service, quality of coverage can be offered, and we can be civil to each other again. The idea of not letting the other sides offer their input, refusing to get input from Medical and Insurance advocates will just drag on this disaster into oblivion. Please have human decency when offering medical insurance. This is inhumane. Even the Insurance companies said they can’t sell the junk insurance Ted Cruz is proposing.

Here is what Republican health care plans sound like. This is doctor John Smith speaking to his patient:

“I’m sorry to have to tell you that you have [insert name of serious injury or serious illness here]. Fortunately, with modern health care practices and the medical technologies at our disposal, we can greatly reduce your suffering?—?and your family’s suffering too. Unfortunately, unless you are very wealthy or have a salary and health insurance coverage that is roughly equivalent to that of a United States Senator, you are going to suffer quite a bit, you will die sooner rather than later, and you will die broke having lost your home and your entire life savings.”

There is a reason the Republicans want to rush this bill to a vote. There are provisions that haven’t received much attention, that could damage the prospects for passage. For example, healthcare plans that enroll healthier customers are currently required to cross-subsidize those with sicker customers. That provision is eliminated in this bill, causing a greater risk of plans failing.

The Republican bill also affects employer-sponsored health insurance. The ACA requires businesses with 50 or more employees to provide health insurance to employees who work more than 30 hours per week. This bill eliminates that requirement. The CBO estimates that about 7 million Americans will lose their health insurance due to the elimination of this requirement.

And of course, there is the awful Ted Cruz plan to divide the market into older and sicker people, who will pay high prices for adequate coverage, and (currently) healthy people, who will buy junk policies. Anyone who has ever worked in health insurance will tell you that this is a disaster waiting to happen. There will be adverse selection, followed by death spirals in the ACA compliant plans. It will blow up the insurance markets.

Perhaps, with some additional time, more people will see the problems inherent in this terrible bill, and call their Senators to oppose the bill. We can only hope.

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