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Kid Rock for U.S. Senate, Feel Free To Start Laughing

By Andrew Witzel

The alleged democracy in this country that still functions to a certain extent allows anyone who qualifies to run for office at a local, regional, state or federal level. See something wrong, injustice, whatever, you can make the decision to run and in some cases win through an electoral voting process that is by the people, for the people. All that is well and good, but a precedent was established with the likes of Ronald Reagan, Al Franken, Fred Thompson and Arnold Schwarzenegger, among others.  Most of these men are or were semi-capable of carrying out the duties of public office.  This has peaked with Donald Trump, or so we thought.  The rumors, appearing to be true at this point, are that Robert “Kid Rock” Ritchie has announced his candicacy to challenge sitting Democratic Michigan Senator Debbie Stabenow.

Kid Rock’s announcement is ironically made at the same time that he announced a new album and tour for the United States. While it would appear to be a publicity stunt, there has been no indication that he is anything but seriously going to make a run for U.S. Senator of Michigan. A website has been setup, Kid Rock 18 for US Senate. T-shirts, bumper stickers and hats are apparently for sale. A rotating square of motivational slogans is forever changing and includes this little gem:


This is some real quality stuff!

Imagining that he could use one of his own songs for his campaign, the lyrics for Bawitdaba seem seriously appropriate. He could be an effective filibuster on the Senate floor by just singing lyrics over and over for hours on end. After all he’s an accomplished musician and performer and has the stamina to keep something like that going. The Democrats and Republicans would vote unanimously just to get him to stop.

Bawitdaba, da bang, da dang diggy diggy, diggy, said the boogie, said up jump the boogie….. My name is kiiiiiiiiiiid….. Kid rock!

Who wouldn’t want to vote for this perfect example of an American to represent Michigan residents in the U.S. Senate? Heck, if he were running in my state, there would be no question that my vote would be cast his way. Look at how well Donald Trump is doing, I mean, birds of a feather flock together after all. Trump is a Republican, Kid Rock is running as a Republican, they’re both celebrities in their own right. What could be the harm honestly?

This country is awesome for making it possible so that anyone with the drive and determination could potentially run for public office, but with quality candidates like Kid Rock as a potential opponent, why would you want to?

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