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It’s Officially “Made In America Week” Folks

By Susan Kuebler

The Trump administration, in a continuing effort to distract from reports of collusion, ethics violations, and general ineptness, has decided to continue with its program of designating themes for certain weeks.

Anyone remember “Infrastructure Week”?  Yeah, me neither.  I think there was a scandal involving someone/anyone in the White House that week.  Or maybe it was the G20 summit disaster?  Who can keep up.

But for Donald Trump to proclaim this week as “Made in America Week” reaches a level of ironic proportions seldom seen in American politics.  This would be the same Donald Trump who has most of his products manufactured overseas, in countries such as Mexico Bangladesh and CHINA!

The following video clip from the old David Letterman show really holds Donald’s business practices up to the light:

But it’s not just Big Daddy, daughter Ivanka has all of her products (shoes, clothing, etc.) made overseas as well.   Not only are her products cheap and shoddy, but she is currently being sued for stealing the designs for them.  During the campaign, certain of the more prestigious retailers stopped carrying her lines, and discount stores now sell them at huge mark downs.

There has been a ridiculous trend lately of coming up with a theme or more for every single blessed day of the week.  For example, today is World Emoji Day.  No, you can’t make that up.  And it’s trending #1 on Twitter.  Yesterday was National Ice Cream Day, a much more worthy cause to celebrate, which I did by purchasing not one, but two cartons of ice cream.

Trump and his advisors plan to continue this brilliant scheme by naming next week “American Heroes Week” to be followed by “American Dream Week.”  Let’s get on this people.  “American Heroes Week” could recognize that third Republican Senator needed to shut down the abominable Trumpcare plan once and for all, and for “American Dreams Week” it should be “Trump resigns.”  That is, after all, the dream of most Americans now.

However, it is much more likely that the themes for the next couple of weeks are more likely to be “Commit Perjury While Testifying Before Congress Week” followed by “Treason is Just Fine With Us Week.”  But never fear “Trump Is Under Impeachment” or “Trump Resigns” week is just around the corner.



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