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ICYMI News Roundup @ July 14th – 16th

By Bobby M.

Scanning the news so you don’t have to, so if you missed anything from July 14th – 16th, this recap will catch you up on everything that happened during that period. Not everything will have a hyperlink, so if you would like more information, please highlight and google it.

The biggest news of the weekend involved the ever changing story regarding Donald Trump Jr.’s meeting with Russian operatives. Not only did he lie about the number of people in the meeting (after lying about the subject matter), but there was also in attendance, a former KGB agent who now works as a lobbyist on behalf of the Russian government. Various GOP defenses have come out trying to make the meeting out to be no big deal. But if it was not such a big deal, why all of the lies to explain what happened then? The biggest coming from the president’s lawyer, Jay Sekulow who tried to say the Secret Service would not have vetted the attendees if there was something nefarious going on. However, Trump Jr. was not under Secret Service protection at the time, and some are saying perhaps his father did attend the meeting due to that slip up. By the way, it was also stated that no one else knew about the meeting until the recent reports, but then how do they explain campaign money going to Trump Jr.’s lawyer? I just wish that the mainstream media would do a better job of reporting that the meeting proves that the Russian government wanted to help Trump win the election, and there were people in the campaign that were more than willing, almost exuberant, to let them. On a lighter note, the other big news for the weekend was the highly anticipated return of ‘Game of Thrones’ to TV, which was so popular when it finally happened, that HBO’s website crashed. British singer, Ed Sheeran’s appearance in the premiere prompted quite the reaction.

The rest of what is listed below may have been harder to hear details about…

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