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Winter is Here

By Lauren Wynn

Arch-rivals and alliances, ferocity and fire — no, I’m not talking about the current administration. I’m talking about Game of Thrones. Tonight is the night that dragons and dwarves and eunuchs will overshadow Russians and Republicans and Trumps. The Great Hall will supplant Pennsylvania Avenue — taking front and center as the Mother of Dragons of House Targaryen seeks to ascend to the Iron Throne.

It’s a welcome relief, really – although the facts of our reality sometimes rival the fantasy of King’s Landing, Highgarden, and Valyria et al. It’s escapism at its best – with excellent battle scenes and amazing CGI that includes dragons. What more could one ask for on a Sunday night in the midst of Russiagate?

Tune in tonight (Sunday, July 16th) at 9 on HBO to be whisked away from the debacle that is U.S. politics. No more Trump Jr. and his meetings with Russian attorneys, no more Obamacare, Trumpcare or collusion. Just breathtaking scenery, wizardry, gory battles and messed up family relationships that make the Trumps pale in comparison.

Who are you cheering for? Comment below and then come back tomorrow to give us your feedback on the season premiere!


About L Wynn (50 Articles)
Former grassroots state lead for Evan McMullin's 2016 Presidential campaign, Wynn, now a resident of Washington, DC, is an avid student of government and politics, and a freelance writer and blogger. Contributor to @eatprayvote

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