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Trump Mania: Where do Republicans Draw The Line?

By Lisa Head 

The Russia story has gained serious traction but the Donald Trump Jr. emails gave it a nitro boost. Just like many, I felt a bit giddy, patriotic and something resembling hope. Then reality kicked in. That reality I call PTTSD or Post-Trump-Traumatic-Stress-Disorder. This is something I believe I may have felt since that dark day 11/8/2016. It begs the question: where do Republicans draw the line?

Nokia is marketing a $2,500 commemorative phone to celebrate the G20 Summit meeting between Trump and Putin. Polls and social media activity show that Trump supporters trust Russia over our own intelligence community. There is solid proof that Trump & Co. at the very least, attempted to collude with a hostile foreign government to subvert our Democracy.  This is full on Trump mania!

Trump’s base has selective hearing or does not care. Make no mistake this is a diverse group of people. Everything from evangelical Christians who believe he’s the messiah to far left & right conspiracy theorists. Don’t get me wrong, I subscribe to a few theories but this is sheer lunacy. Trump supporters, Republicans, and everyday people have been empowered by this bumbling maniac,  They “Love it” as Trump Jr. put it. They have been given a license to bully or embrace their inner bully.

They are selling an American dream that embodies the idea of alternative facts and fake news. America was, is and always will be a nation of immigrants and diversity. That is our culture. Don’t think for a minute that other countries truly understand because even their translators are not as tacky as the Caricature in chief. They cannot translate his brand of cuckoo.

This brings me back to my original contention. Where do Republicans draw the line? What if Trump Sr. was there? colluding up the whole room with the Russian government attorney? Sadly, I must report that my mommy senses say never. The Republicans will never draw the line. The first black president, the tea party and all the hate that has been bred up to this moment will not allow it.

I am old enough to remember when the Republican party was an anchor to balance the Democrats. Our founding fathers realized that the Holy Grail is common ground. It has become painfully obvious that we are deeply divided. that which divides us is the skeletons in America’s closet. The majority of us see and have done everything in our power to move past and contribute how we can. Unfortunately, folks, many of these lost folks are clueless and are in charge of our government.

What can we do you ask? Well, the silver lining in the Trump madness is activism. That which we have not seen in decades. I’m talking non-voters. They are watching, learning and taking action. I know because I was one. After 2 weeks of crying after the election. I looked at my children and decided I have to do something. I have to get involved, I registered to vote, I marched and you dear reader are bearing witness to my first opportunity to write about this exhausting saga. Stick in there, talk to your children and get involved. 2018 mid terms are right around the corner. My very best advice: EAT PRAY VOTE!

1 Comment on Trump Mania: Where do Republicans Draw The Line?

  1. Rosemarie Serao // July 16, 2017 at 4:09 pm // Reply

    Really sums it up; it is as bad as it looks and yet there is power in the VOTE. Well written

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