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Democracy Distortion: Coming To a Country Near You

By Tiffany Rodgers

Gramps got ahold of the internet again. He’s going off on a tangent on Twitter again. Didn’t anyone shut his account down yet? Just remove the phone from his hands, give him a pad of paper and a pen, and tell him it is the ‘newest’ version of Twitter (He won’t know the difference). Since that hasn’t happened this time – onto the Twitter ranting of a crazed man-child.

‘Distorting Democracy’…um…OK. Let’s talk about who’s distorting democracy. Perhaps it is the ‘first family’ that is treating an elected office as a royal hierarchy. Now, I didn’t vote you in, but somehow you managed to get voted in. However, your precious daughter, son, son-in-law, etc. were NOT voted in, yet they all have the highest clearance.

I know. I know. It is the ‘fake news’ that is ruining everything. When did this whole fake news crap even begin. Wait! It began when you entered office. Maybe it is because you wanted to distract from your inability to do anything correct or helpful to our nation. Better yet, that’s a perfect way to snub news that doesn’t please your ear or your boost your insecure image (BTW you are not fooling anyone with that ugly comb over! Dude, you’re rich! Get a better cover-up!).

I might consider asking for Russian assistance in our US election to be considered distorting democracy. I’m not alone in this thinking. A federal law, Section 30121 of Title 52, makes it a crime for any foreigner to contribute or donate money or some “other thing of value” in connection with an American election, or for anyone to solicit a foreigner to do so.

It spells it all out for you, Trump, right there. Russia = foreigner. Dirt on Hillary = other thing of value. Now this is the TRUE distortion of democracy. You knew you couldn’t win on your own, so you went to your bromance, Putin, for help (Oh we all see the way you treat him differently! In my humble opinion, I think you admire and long for the power he has).

I will continue to say it until Trump gets out of office or off of Twitter. Just stop with the tweeting. Stop tweeting propaganda. Stop trying to justify your illegal actions through Twitter. Put on your big boy pants and at least act like a grown adult. Stop acting like some delusional man-child! You’re embarrassing Americans!

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1 Comment on Democracy Distortion: Coming To a Country Near You

  1. I concur 100%. Delete your account, @realdonaldtrump !

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