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Ann Coulter Goes Straight up Cray Cray On Delta’s Flight

By Tiffany Rodgers

Ann Coulter. What can I say about Ann Coulter. Well, her latest meltdown happened on a plane. When I say meltdown, I’m talking full on baby temper tantrum! Here’s the first tweet of many (stay with me…it is rather entertaining!)

You would think with this tweet, this woman got dragged off the plane like that doctor did not too long ago. Delta is still on my ‘absolutely never flying’ list, but dang this woman just flat out loses it.

You want special treatment, fly first class. She thinks she is above everyone else. Then why is her majesty even sitting with peasants?

Sometimes in the real world, hunny, the boss tells you to do something without explanation. If you want to keep your job, you just do whatever is required. Someone of your caliber wouldn’t understand such a simpleton behavior.

Now it is time to shun the innocent person who has crossed your path. Posting this poor lady’s picture on Twitter, so the whole world sees…is unprofessional, uncalled for, rude, and an invasion of her privacy to say the least! I’m sure this woman was begging Delta to give her your precious “pre-booked” seat. She wanted to ruffle your feathers. Oh wait…that’s not how it works at all! Stop blaming this lady! She is an innocent bystander in your tantrum here! P.S. Ma’am, if you ever read this, your facial expression towards Ann in this picture is simply amazing! I can only imagine what you are thinking!

Now Ann knows everything about everyone’s situation. Are you a psychic now? I thought you were just a sub-par journalist. You do not know why that person needed your seat. To be frank with you, it is none of your business. If you have a problem, take it up with the airline like a normal human being would do!

This tweet is straight up like a kid whining during a fight. You know when kids are fighting with each other and they call out a lame rebuttal (e.g.,your face smells like foot). They’re really is not any rhyme or reason behind this statement. They are just trying to hurt the other one’s feelings. My guess, Ann, is they don’t really care if you are having a hard time connecting to wifi! You will be on the ground soon, so that you can commence in your childish rant.

Another lame jab here! If you love JetBlue so much, why aren’t you flying with them?

Ann continues with her tantrum, 140 characters at a time. Tweeting about it seems so juvenile (This reminds me of someone else that constantly tweets juvenile things…who is it…it right on the tip of my tongue…OH! It’s Trump!)

Once again, usually when you have a complaint, you speak with the boss. So after your terrible flight, call the boss, or better yet get off the plane! No one is forcing you to stay!

This one really gets me angry! I have a lot wrong with me physically, but you cannot necessarily see it from the outside. You don’t have ANY idea what this woman’s story is! Back off! Take a Xanax and chill the heck out! You are an uncompassionate, tirading, self- important person. Just a little heads up – karma is a beast!

Here, folks, the specimen is lashing out at others. It is confused and wants to hurt anyone it can. Fortunately, most customer service people know how to handle this type of behavior, as it happens often!

Well, they could drag you off and bloody you up. Just sayin’.

Here she’s back at attacking the flight attendants. Everyone in this airline is here to make you miserable, Ann. That was their main goal for this flight. Success!

I skipped over some retweets she did. They were other folks, stoking Ann’s fire, that the airline was trying to make miserable as well. Don’t get me wrong! I am not for the airline. I am, however, for not treating people like trash. This tweet is making fun of the woman (remember Ann is a psychic and knows everything). You don’t know if she booked it in advance or not. Maybe she did and they gave her seat away to you at first. You don’t know jack about this person and their story! Show some decency!

She is continuing her baby tantrum! She tweeted a few tweets in between this last one. I would just like to point out that she compares this to “brutal torture”. Uh…a bit diva…don’t you think? Your drama queen is showing again! Talk about an exaggeration! She needs to slow her roll. Ann, you’re not that famous hunny! If you were, you would be flying first class! With the size of your head (since it has obviously swelled with pride) perhaps, you would fit better in first class. Ann Coulter, you are an entitled whiny brat! You need to check yourself before Karma comes for you hard! Karma is NO respecter of persons! Katy Perry’s song sums up karma quite nicely: She’s a beast. I call her Karma. She eats your heart out. Like Jeffrey Dahmer. Ann, good luck sweetheart!

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3 Comments on Ann Coulter Goes Straight up Cray Cray On Delta’s Flight

  1. Michael Munster // July 16, 2017 at 5:02 pm // Reply

    To top it off, she assumes that the woman is an immigrant I guess because the woman is brown skinned. (In Ann’s mind, only white people can be American.)

  2. Wow!! Unbelievable… I got nothing else to say.

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