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Jimmy Carter: Nothing Can Stop This Rockstar

By Tiffany Rodgers

Can someone please explain to me why Canada’s Tradeau is tweeting about former President Jimmy Carter and our own White House is silent? Here’s what happened. President Jimmy Carter was in Canada assisting with a Habitat for Humanity project (This dude is 92 folks….92! And he’s still trekking along just fine).

In fact, Jimmy Carter and his wife Rosalyn, have been actively involved in the Habitat project since 1984, after he served as President of the United States.  Can anyone in their right mind picture Donald Trump spending his precious time helping with a project like so? Me neither!

Carter ended up going to the hospital for a bout of dehydration (which is no joke and not easy to bounce back from – trust me I know…I just moved to the desert myself). That silly little bump in the road wouldn’t slow him down. The very next day when he was released from the hospital, he went BACK to the worksite ( I bow to his stamina)!

One would think, his being a former President, that Trump or the White House would say something…anything about the situation. All we hear from them are crickets! However, the leader to the North, Canada’s Tradeau, was aware of the situation, reached out to Carter, and showed some compassion towards the former American President.

When did it become OK to ignore a former President because you never liked him. Oh, we remember your amazingly wretched tweet from 2013 Mr. Trump!

Whether you like Carter or not; show some respect! Not only respect for his service to the country, but also respect for the office of the United States presidency! What happened to ‘Make America Great Again’? Don’t you think showing respect and compassion to previous presidents would be a good start to making America great again (especially presidents who would run circles around your flabby self, and still be able to get positive things done)?

President Carter, on behalf of the American people and our ignoramous current President, thank you! Thank you for continuing to spread joy and hope through your volunteering with Habitat for Humanity! You rock sir!

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2 Comments on Jimmy Carter: Nothing Can Stop This Rockstar

  1. Well said! President Carter has been very loyal to public service. It seems most former presidents have made positive impacts after their political lives are done but President Carter is showing everyone how to do it and do it well, and Mrs Carter is right beside him. He also never toots his own horn, he just keeps working hard to help the people that need it most. So, yes, he is the exact opposite of Donald Trump. The Donald will never stop talking about how great he is and all the things he’s accomplished as potus, although I’m not sure he’ll ever accomplish anything at all except bringing the country down. His strong sense of entitlement will be his legacy and unfortunately, he’ll spend the rest of his life complaining about how the Democrats thwarted his greater successes by stalling everything he tried to do. President Macron has made a fool of Trump, yet again, by acknowledging President Carters public service and showing genuine concern for his wellbeing. Trump, on the other hand, is golfing.

  2. Sarcastic Sasafras // July 15, 2017 at 9:17 pm // Reply

    I do wish we could get someone genuine in office! Trump is creating nothing but chaos! However, this was a good lesson for my kid to hear! Hard work and giving to others.

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