Trump/Russia: Follow the $$$ Part 6 (#2)

By Darrell Roberts

Welcome to the sixth installment of the Trump/Russia Follow the $$$ series. This six-part series has highlighted relevant matters and people involved in the Trump/Russia saga. The use of this series is highly recommended for Trump/Russia discussions and/or debates. After all, knowledge is power.

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The sixth article in the series will use a timeline of known ties between Trump and Russia.  Due to new revelations of new events that occurred in June 2016, the timeline will include an updated June 2016 through Election Day in November 2016.

Note: Due to such a large wealth of information, Part 6 was covered in two parts. The second part picks up in mid-August through the 2016 Presidential election in November.

Then the data will be interpreted in a six-part analysis.

Aug. 16, 2016: The Hill publishes a Roger Stone article. Stone asks Guciffer 2.0, “PLZ RT: How the election can be rigged against Donald Trump —…” Guccifer 2.0 responds: “done” and “I read u’d been hacked”

Also on Aug. 16, 2016: Roger Stone tells Alex Jones of his “back-channel communications” to both Julian Assange and WikiLeaks. Stone claims that both have “political dynamite” on the Clintons.

Also on Aug. 16, 2016: Roger Stone states he has “communicated” with Julian Assange through a “mutual acquaintance.” Stone adds, “I think that Assange is going to be very influential in this election….”

Aug. 17, 2016: Trump names Stephen K. Bannon as his new campaign manager.

Also on Aug. 17, 2016: Roger Stone receives messages from Guccifer 2.0: “I’m pleased to say that u r great man and I think I gonna read ur books” and adds “please tell me if I can help u anyhow it would be a great pleasure to me.”

Also on Aug. 17, 2016: The Associated Press reports a secretly $2 million payment from Ukrainian pro-Russia party was made by Manafort to two US firms in 2012. The lobbying firms were trying to influence the American policy on the Ukraine.

Aug. 18, 2016: During an interview, Roger Stone denies directly meeting Julian Assange but that their contacts occur “through an intermediary — somebody who is a mutual friend.” Stone predicts, “I expect you’re going to see more from Mr. Assange.” 

Aug. 19, 2016: Mounting reports of Manafort’s pro-Russian connections lead him to resign from the Trump campaign.

Also on Aug. 19, 2016: The same day of his resignation, Manafort creates a shell company that shortly after receives a $3.5 million dollar loan from a New York firm. Conveniently, the firm’s co-founder has worked to develop Trump hotel projects.  Furthermore, one of the co-founder’s financial backers is the Russian fertilizer king, Alexander Rovt. Contacts to Rovt would later provide Felix Sater a sealed Ukrainian-Russian peace plan.  Sater would deliver the sealed plan to Trump’s longtime personal lawyer, Michael Cohen.

Aug. 21, 2016:  Roger Stone tweets:

Also on Aug. 21, 2016: DCCC hacked documents are posted by Guccifer 2.0 pertaining to congressional primaries in Pennsylvania.

Also on Aug. 21, 2016: Roger Stone states, “The DNC leaks that nailed Deborah Wasserman Schultz in the heist against Bernie Sanders was not leaked by the Russians, it was leaked by Cruccifer [sic] 2, I should say hacked and leaked first by Cruccifer 2, well known hacker who is not in the employment of the Russians, and then WikiLeaks. So that whole claim is a canard.”

Aug. 22, 2016: Guccifer 2.0 uploads stolen documents (almost 2.5 gigabytes) to the Dropbox account of Aaron Nevins, a Florida GOP consultant, had previously asked Guccifer to do so. Nevins posts the stolen documents received from Guccifer 2.0 until early September 2016. 

Aug. 23, 2016: Roger Stone has a private Twitter conversation with Guccifer 2.0.

Aug. 26, 2016: Roger Stone states, “I’m almost confident Mr. Assange has virtually every one of the emails that the Clinton henchwomen, Huma Abedin and Cheryl Mills, thought that they had deleted, and I suspect that he’s going to drop them at strategic times in the run up to the rest of this race.”

Aug. 27, 2016: Senate Minority Leader, Harry Reid, writes a letter to FBI Director James Comey asking the FBI to investigate Russia’s election efforts to include possible vote manipulation. In Reid’s letter, he writes the Russian interference ‘is more extensive than is widely known and may include the intent to falsify official election results.’

Aug. 29, 2016: Stone predicts, “We’re going to, I think, see from WikiLeaks and other leakers see the nexus between the Clinton Foundation and the State Department.”

Aug. 31, 2016: Hacked documents from House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi’s personal computer are posted by Guccifer 2.0.

Late Aug. 2016: CIA Director John Brennan briefs the top eight members Congress’ Intelligence Committees — on Russian cyber attacks aimed at getting Trump elected.

Also in Aug. 2016: The FBI obtains a Federal Intelligence Surveillance Act (“FISA”) warrant to monitor Carter Page’s communications. The warrant is renewed on more than one occasion.

In early Sept. 2016:  Intelligence officials brief both state representatives and members of Congress on Russia’s election meddling. 12 key members of Congress are briefed privately but turns into a partisan dispute. One participant stated, “The Dems were, ‘Hey, we have to tell the public,’ ” recalled one participant. The Republicans refused the request to warn the American citizens. The biggest skeptic was Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) whose skepticism denied that the intelligence information supported the Obama administration’s that the underlying intelligence truly supported the White House’s meddling claims. Democrats were “stunned by the GOP response and exasperated that the White House seeming willing to let Republican[s]…block any pre-election move.”

Sept. 2, 2016: On the DNC hack, Putin claims it an act of public service and says, “Listen, does it even matter who hacked this data? The important thing is the content that was given to the public.” Putin adds, “there’s no need to distract the public’s attention from the essence of the problem by raising some minor issues connected with the search for who did it.”

Early Sept. 2016: Peter W. Smith, a longtime GOP operative and closely connected to Newt Gingrich, attempts to retrieve missing or stolen emails from Hillary Clinton’s private email server. Smith gathers a team of experts to include: technology, law, and even a Russian-speaking investigator in Europe to assist in his endeavor. Smith claims direct connections to Mike Flynn and Mike Flynn, Jr.  Peter W. Smith also shares a packet of opposition research articles that lists Trump officials Steve Bannon, Kellyanne Conway, and Sam Clovis on the cover sheet.

Sept. 7, 2016: Trump speaks favorable of Putin and criticizes President Obama. Trump says, “If [Putin] says great things about me, I’m going to say great things about him. I’ve already said, he is really very much of a leader. I mean, you can say, ‘Oh, isn’t that a terrible thing’ — the man has very strong control over a country,” Trump adds, “Now, it’s a very different system, and I don’t happen to like the system. But certainly, in that system, he’s been a leader, far more than our president has been a leader.”

Sept. 8, 2016: Jeff Sessions meets Russian Ambassador Kislyak in his Senate office.

Also on Sept. 8, 2016: Florida GOP operative Aaron Nevins posts the final hacked document that he had received from Guccifer 2.0–the final release included the DCCC’s “Democrats Turnout Model” for Florida.

Sept. 9, 2016: Trump appears on RT (formerly known as Russia Today) and says Russian interference is probably “unlikely.” Trump then adds, “Maybe the Democrats are putting that out — who knows?”

Also on Sept. 9, 2016: Guccifer 2.0 a link to a blog post on voter turnout to Roger Stone. Guccifer adds, “hi what do u think of the info on the turnout model for the democrats entire presidential campaign? Basically how it works is there are people who will vote party line no matter what and there are folks who will actually make a decision. The basic premise of winning an election is turnout your base (marked turnout) and target the marginal folks with persuadable advertising (marked persuadable). They spend millions calculating who is persuadable or what we call a ‘soft democrat’ and who is a ‘hard democrat.’”

Sept. 15, 2016: Republican Congressman and Homeland Security Chairman Michael McCaul claims the Russians “have hacked into the Republican National Committee.” McCaul adds, “So this is, again, they are not picking sides here I don’t think. They are hacking into both political parties …We’re not sure why they’ve released some documents and not others.”  Shortly after, McCall would recant his statement.

Also on Sept. 15, 2016: Hacked DCCC documents for primary elections in New Hamshire, Ohio, Illinois, and North Carolina are posted by Guccifer 2.0.

Sept. 16, 2016: Stone says, “I expect Julian Assange and the WikiLeaks people to drop a payload of new documents on Hillary on a weekly basis fairly soon. And that, of course, will answer the question of exactly what was erased on that email server.”

Sept. 22, 2016: Disappointed with the White House’s decision not to inform the public, Sen. Feinstein and Rep. Adam Schiff issue their own statement about the Russian cyber campaign against the 2016 election.

Sept. 23, 2016: Hacked DCCC documents on Chairman Representative Ben Ray Lujan are posted by Guccifer 2.0.

Also on Sept. 23, 2016: The investigation into Carter Page is first publicly reported. US intelligence agencies are investigating if the Trump adviser had secret communications with senior Russian officials to include lifting sanctions against Russia.

Sept. 25, 2016: To the FBI, Carter Page writes that he “had not met with any sanctioned official in Russia….” Page’s claim would later be proven false.

Sept. 26, 2016: Due to speculation on his Russia connections, Carter Page leaves the Trump campaign.

Sept. 26, 2016: During the first Presidential debate, Donald Trump denies the US intelligence assessment that Russia hacked the DNC. Trump says, “I don’t know if we know it was Russia who broke into the DNC…Maybe it was. It could also be China.” Trump would also claim the hack could have been done by “someone sitting on their bed that weighs 400 pounds.”

Sept. 28, 2016: FBI Director Comey refuses to confirm or deny an investigation into the Trump campaign and Russia.

Also on Sept. 28, 2016: Sen. Mitch McConnell and other key Congressional members issue a statement that warns against cyber attacks of election systems but does not mention Russia. Congressional Democrats are stunned by the weakness of the McConnell statement.

Oct. 2016: Jared Kushner refinances a property and finalizes a $285 million loan with Deutsche Bank the deal is reported that Kushner’s company received $74 million more than it had paid for the property in 2015. Incidentally, Kushner had purchased the property from one of the world’s wealthiest men, Lev Leviev. Leviev has known to describe Putin as his “true friend” and he has a photo of Vladamir Putin framed in his office.

*Note: During Kushner’s refinancing deal, Deutsche Bank was still negotiating a settlement against New York state charges of aiding a multi-billion dollar Russian money-laundering scheme.  These charges were later settled.  In January 2017, New York state issued a press release in part saying, “DFS fines Deutsche Bank $425 million for Russian mirror-trading scheme.  The bank allowed traders to engage in a money-laundering scheme…that improperly shifted $10 billion out of Russia.”  Coincidentally, President Trump owes at least $300 million to Deutsche Bank.

Oct. 2, 2016: Six days before WikiLeaks releases the Podesta emails, Roger Stone tweets:

Oct. 4, 2016: Trump tweets:

Also on Oct. 4, 2016: Hacked documents from the Clinton Foundation are posted by Guccifer 2.0.

Also on Oct. 4, 2016: The New York Times reports: “Julian Assange promised on Tuesday to release significant material over the next 10 weeks about arms, Google, mass surveillance, oil, the United States election, and war.”

Oct. 5, 2016: On Putin, Trump says, “We’ll see how it works. We’ll see. Maybe we’ll have a good relationship. Maybe we’ll have a horrible relationship. Maybe we’ll have a relationship right in the middle.”

Oct. 7, 2016: The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the Director of National Intelligence (DNI) released a joint statement that claims, “The US Intelligence Community (USIC) is confident that the Russian Government directed the recent compromises of emails from US persons and institutions, including from US political organizations… We believe, based on the scope and sensitivity of these efforts, that only Russia’s senior-most officials could have authorized these activities.”

Also on Oct. 7, 2016: Shortly after the joint statement is released, the scandalous Access Hollywood tape of Donald Trump is made public.

Also on Oct. 7, 2016: Less than an hour after the Access Hollywood tape is released, Wikileaks release a batch of John Podesta’s emails. Both the tape and emails dominate the news cycle while little attention is paid to the DHD/DNI statement.

During Oct. 9, 2016, Presidential debate:  Trump states, “I don’t know Putin. I think it would be great if we got along with Russia because we could fight ISIS together, as an example. But I don’t know Putin.”

Oct. 10, 2016: Trump says:  “I love WikiLeaks.”

Oct. 11, 2016: Donald Trump attends a secret meeting in Paris with a politician that has powerful ties to Russia.

Oct. 12, 2016: Roger Stone says, “I have back-channel communications with WikiLeaks.”

Mid-Oct. 2016: A surveillance order is authorized in FISA court that authorizes the Department of Justice to investigate two Russian banks. The two banks are believed to have a part is Russia’s meddling of the 2016 election.

Oct. 17, 2016: During a radio interview, Trump declares“I think I could see myself meeting with Putin and meeting with Russia prior to the start of the administration,” Trump adds. “I think it would be wonderful.”

During the same interview, Trump criticizes Hillary Clinton, as he says, “She talks tough with Russia. She shouldn’t be talking so tough. Frankly, if we got along with Russia and knocked out ISIS, that would be a good thing, not a bad thing.”

Oct. 19, 2016: At the third presidential debate, when Clinton claims Trump is Putin’s “puppet”, Trump responds, “No puppet. You’re the puppet.”

Also during Oct. 19, 2016, Presidential debate: Trump dismisses US intelligence agencies saying, “[Clinton] has no idea whether it is Russia, China or anybody else… Our country has no idea.”

Oct. 27, 2016: Trump says at a rally in Ohio that it was not smart of Clinton to speak “very badly of Putin.”

Oct. 30, 2016: The Russian oligarch is known as the “Russian fertilizer king” is reported to be in Las Vegas on the same day as a Trump rally in the city. The oligarch had previously bought (in 2008) Trump’s Florida mansion for $95 million.

Also on Oct. 30, 2016: Harry Reid sends a letter to FBI Director Comey, the letter states, “It has become clear that you possess explosive information about close ties and coordination between Donald Trump, his top advisors, and the Russian government — a foreign interest openly hostile to the United States, which Trump praises at every opportunity.” The letter also adds, “The public has a right to know this information. I wrote to you months ago calling for this information to be released to the public.”

Oct. 31, 2016:  Paul Manafort publicly claims, “There’s no investigation going on by the FBI that I’m aware of.”

Also on Oct. 31, 2016: Journalist David Corn meets with Chris Steele and Corn publishes, “A Veteran Spy Has Given the FBI Information Alleging a Russian Operation to Cultivate Donald Trump.” Steele tells Corn “the story has to come out.” This is the first media report of the Steele Dossier and its contents.

Nov. 1, 2016: The US government makes direct contact with the Russian government and issues a pre-election warning to not interfere with the upcoming election.

Also on Nov. 1, 2016: The FBI starts a ‘preliminary inquiry’ into Paul Manafort’s business ties to other countries.

Nov. 2, 2016: Michael Flynn gets heated during an interview when the anchor makes comments that are critical of both Putin and Russia.  Flynn dismisses the host on claims that Putin has journalists killed and the Russian annexation of Crimea. Flynn refers to these claims as, “rhetoric.” Flynn goes on to say, “We cannot make Russia an enemy. Russia is a country deeply involved in the Middle East right now.”

Nov. 3, 2016: The same Russian oligarch that had previously been in Las Vegas the same time as Trump also is reported to have landed in a small airport (in Concord, NC) on the same day as a nearby Trump rally in North Carolina.

Nov. 4, 2016: Guccifer 2.0 posts a warning, “that the Democrats may rig the elections on November 8. This may be possible because of the software installed in the FEC networks by the large IT companies.”

Also on Nov. 4, 2016: Guccifer 2.0 tweets:


Nov. 7, 2016: Russia orders 19.5 percent of state-controlled oil company Rosneft to be sold. The proceeds are to be received by the end of 2016.

*Note: A later Reuters follow up in late January 2017 concludes, “More than a month after Russia announced one of its biggest privatizations since the 1990s, selling a 19.5 percent stake in its giant oil company Rosneft, it still isn’t possible to determine from public records the full identities of those who bought it.”

*Note #2: This sale is significant because the Steele Dossier claims in an Oct. 18, 2016, entry that claims,

A close associate of Rosneft President and Putin Ally Igor Sechin confirmed a meeting occurred between Carter Page and Igor Sechin in Moscow on July 7 or 8 2016, the same day or the day after Carter Page made a public speech to the Higher Economic School in Moscow.”

And further adds:

Rosneft President Igor Sechin offered Page and Trump’s associates the brokerage of up to 19 per cent stake in Rosneft in return. Page expressed interest and confirmed that if Trump were elected US president, sanctions on Russia would be lifted.

Nov. 8, 2016: Election Day.

Also on Nov. 8, 2016: Russian Consulate General Deputy Commander Sergei Krivov is found dead under mysterious circumstances on the floor of the Russian Consulate in New York.

According to other public Russian-language descriptions of the duty commander position, Krivov would have been in charge of, among other things, “prevention of sabotage” and suppression of “attempts of secret intrusion” into the consulate.

In other words, it was Krivov’s job to make sure US intelligence agencies didn’t have ears in the building.  The duty commander would also have had access to the consulate’s crypto-card — the top secret codebreaker used to encrypt and decrypt messages transmitted between the consulate and other Russian channels.

Also on Nov. 8, 2016: An opinion piece by Mike Flynn that supports the Turkish government is posted.

After the Election results: The Russian Parliament erupts in applause after Trump is announced the winner of 2016 Presidential election.

Sometime after the Election results:  The US intelligence intercepts high-level Russian officials celebrating Trump’s election victory.

Six Analyses from Mid-August 2016 – Election Day 2016:

  1. The recent revelations of Donald Trump, Jr’s meeting with the Russians may seem to be a huge break but it is just another piece toward solving the bigger puzzle. If this were a baseball game, this would be the first out of the first inning.
  2. However, Donald Trump’s rhetoric around the time of Jr’s meeting suggests that the candidate was aware of Jr’s actions. It becomes more difficult to believe that Donald Trump was not aware of the Russian meddling. In hindsight, his constant denials of US intelligence agencies comes across as intentional. The real question is why? As the famous saying goes, “What did the President know and when did he know it?”
  3. Too many Trump associates have been caught not disclosing their contacts with Russia. The list includes Jeff Sessions, Jared Kushner, Paul Manafort, Carter Page, General Mike Flynn, and Donald Trump, Jr. Plus, Vice President Mike Pence claiming not to know the concerns about Mike Flynn. This is despite Pence having received a written notification while he led the Trump transition team. The Trump administration is extremely untrustworthy.
  4. Another huge concern must center around the Trump campaign having changed the RNC platform to be more favorable toward Russia’s annexation of the Ukraine. From that moment, Trump and team have repeatedly seemed determined to lift the imposed sanctions against Russia. The question is why? This issue is not normal and the answer is almost guaranteed to point to direct cooperation (or coercion) between Trump and Russia.
  5. Aside from the Trump campaign, the willingness of multiple GOP surrogates to work with or receive stolen material from Russia is alarming. This should be an easy “American first” position but apparently winning is more important to some.
  6. There are still too many questions surrounding the Trump/Russia connections. An independent investigation is essential to solving a tangled web of sordidness. For example, was selling the 19.5% stake in Rosneft really a pay-off to the Trump campaign? Why did the Access Hollywood tape and the Podesta emails leak on the same day as the joint DHS/DNI statement on Russia interference?


In closing, this series required a great deal of research but IF one person learned or realized anything they had not previously known–then, it was a complete success. The motivation to do this series was based upon the wealth of information available but it was so scattered and the mainstream media (MSM) does a relatively poor job of laying out adequate timelines that show or suggest a connection between multiple events.

On a personal level, it is far more enjoyable to write creative or simpler works instead of conducting hours of research and compilation. However, the research and compilation may be more important during the Trump era than ever before. In fact, there is, even more, research and timelines that are needed.

It is with this in mind, that the “Trump/Russia Follow” series will continue. Please keep a keen eye out on for future developments.

PS, to the Trump supporters, in the end, we are all on the same side–or should be. It is not my job to judge, it is only my goal to inform. Please do not feel the need to forever blindly defend the undefendable. The importance of this ordeal is Russia’s meddling as it is critical that we join together to limit and keep the Russians out of all future American elections.

Thank you for your time & support,



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