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The Trumps Are A Stain On America

01 Feb 1996 --- Donald Trump with Daughter Ivanka Trump --- Image by © Brian Smith/Corbis

By Jason Taylor

What a change from one president to the next. President Obama had high standards for his children. Whether it was about school, or giving to a larger community, or what not, the Obamas both insisted on integrity behavior from their daughters. That went the other way, too. President Obama said he came around on marriage equality because he could not look his daughters in the eyes and justify his earlier opposition.

Now, Donald Trump Sr. shrugs and says that his son just did what many people would have done, and also lied that his son was the innocent victim of a witch hunt. No morals. No understanding of how sleazy, dangerous and traitorous it was to try obtaining ill-begotten negative information. No sense of ownership for what happened on his campaign and in his own building with his family.

If you don’t like your family being put under intense scrutiny, then don’t involve them in the national and international business of the country. It also makes people wonder if you will look after your well-being of your family rather than the country when it comes to issues such as letting them go if they become tainted.

The problem here, as the extended Trump family sees it? They were caught.

Kushner and others in the Administration have amended their disclosure forms repeatedly to add more and more names of foreign contacts — only because they’ve been caught. Trump himself refuses to release his tax returns — because he doesn’t want to be caught. Investigators looking into working conditions at factories in China that manufacture Ivanka’s shoes are arrested and jailed — because if the truth comes out, she’ll be caught (as her father beats the drum for American jobs and American manufacturing).

These people don’t behave ethically or act on principle because they are, at base, not principled or ethical people — they’re just money-grubbing narcissists, and the Presidency is just another opportunity for enrichment and promoting their brand. Our country is nothing more than their marketing platform.

The Trumps apparently have always assumed that running the federal government, with its infinite complexities, including a staggering number of laws, regulations, and rules that apply to every single person working for the government (including first and foremost the president) would be no different than running a real estate business.

The lessons the Trumps have learned from running that real estate business (calling every shot likely they were pharaohs, flouting rules, bullying, threatening, stonewalling, lawyering up to the max, etc.) have served them all particularly poorly in the situation in which they are now surprised themselves. They are just lucky to have the thick protective padding currently being provided by the congressional GOP.

No matter how you look at it, the behavior of Trump and family members before the election borders on treason. Worst still pack rats like McConnell Ryan and many other Republicans in Washington are the president’s enablers. They have done their best to cover for the president’s crimes and that makes them as guilty as him. Not one has come forward to look into impeachment. Not one.


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1 Comment on The Trumps Are A Stain On America

  1. I totally agree with you. Every aspect of Trumps presidency has been a bust so far. He’s not accomplished one thing, although according to him this country is running like a fine tuned machine. The majority of his time is spent putting out fires and denying, denying, denying. He’s tried to erase everything “Obama” because he simply cannot compete with his legacy of honesty, integrity, respect and professionalism in both his private and public life. Donald Trump is a stranger to all of those attributes. His business dealings are shady and he thought he’d run the country with the ease of his Trump Dynasty. As his world continues to crash and burn, he’ll resort to even more tirades against the media or the Democrats for blocking his attempts at success, never realizing that he, himself, is his own worst enemy. The GOP should be ashamed for not putting the well being of America first. Not one Republican has stood up and said that they are appalled by Trump. Deep down they must realize there will be repercussions for failing our country by allowing Trump to be the disaster he is with no objections. Are they just treading water hoping he’ll suddenly see the light and change course? That will never happen on its own. This administration has wasted too much time already and the clock is ticking.

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