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Senate Republicans Hellbent On Healthcare (Deathcare) Bill

By Jason Taylor

Let’s see insurance bailout Superfund: check. Cut millions beings helped by Medicaid — including seniors in nursing homes and the disabled: check. Apply age discrimination: check. Penalize people if they drop insurance: check. Give upwards of $1 trillion dollars (okay it’s closer to $800 billion) in tax cuts to the super-rich: check. And this bill you’re gonna love is brought to you by the very people you are subsidizing with platinum-plated health care — the Republican Congress.

Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) is ramping up pressure on Senate Republicans to allow healthcare reform legislation to move forward, but old antagonist Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) is an obstacle.

McConnell on Wednesday urged colleagues to drop procedural objections to the bill, a sign that his patience is wearing thin?—?and that he is uncertain he can win the day.

“If we sit on our hands, families will continue to suffer. And if we let this opportunity to move beyond ObamaCare pass us by, what other options will there be?” he said in remarks from the Senate floor.

McConnell argued that if senators blocked the bill, there would be no opportunity to debate their ideas in public.

Senate Majority Whip John Cornyn (R-Texas) said his colleagues have an obligation to allow the debate to proceed and would break Senate traditions by blocking it.

“The only time I’m aware of around here that people don’t vote yes on a motion to proceed is if they don’t have an opportunity to offer amendments and get votes on them,” he said. Courtesy, The Hill

Let’s see the CBO scoring on this turkey.

The Cruz amendment would transform the goal of healthcare and encourage young to get skimpy benefits. Since the plan covers little, these folks could end up in the ER, just like the “old days”. Premiums would rise dramatically. Trump would sign anything that crosses his desk with the name “healthcare” or health” in the title. Which just goes to show how desperate he, and Congress, are for a “win”. Even a “win” that still kills some of the structure that more and more sounds like the ACA on a crash starvation diet.

It amazes me how many Americans say they believed that Trump actually was going to replace ObamaCare with something that would cover more people at a lower cost and provide better care and are now surprised that the Republican plan does none of those things. Perhaps even more amazing is how many still say they support Trump.

Cruz, the runner-up in last year’s Republican presidential primary, declined to say Wednesday whether he would vote to allow the healthcare debate to begin next week.

“Depends what’s in the bill,” Cruz told reporters before heading into a lunch where lawmakers discussed the outline of the legislation.

Cruz and fellow conservative Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah) are insisting on an amendment that would allow insurance companies to sell any kind of health plan they want as long as they offer at least one that complies with federal regulations.

Cruz was summoned to Cornyn’s office late Wednesday afternoon to discuss his concerns with the legislation.

Critics say the Cruz-Lee amendment would lead healthier people to flock to cheap, bare-bones plans, sending premiums for older and sicker people soaring.

In a document circulated on Capitol Hill, the main insurer trade group, America’s Health Insurance Plans, warned the Cruz-Lee amendment could lead to higher costs for those with pre-existing conditions.

Such individuals could “potentially lose access to comprehensive coverage and/or have plans that were far more expensive, as premiums in the Exchange market would rise much faster,” it said.

I am glad to see that the Democrats are doing something besides just speaking out so meekly that the Republicans will never actually hear them. Even if they wanted to hear them. Where are the Democratic equivalents to Newt Gingrich and Bill O’Reilly? Why don’t we have Democrats speaking out Loudly against these abysmal actions of the Republicans (without the lies)?

This so-called health care bill is catastrophic. The number of people who will lose insurance, the loopholes to avoid coverage by the insurance companies, the de-funding of important areas of healthcare, is an assault against the citizenry. It will also set a precedent for the Republicans to begin ripping apart other areas of legislation which protect and assist American citizens.

Yes, I support the Democrats in using the rules to try and stop this draconian legislation — and not taking the rules and twisting them to fit the fight. But, why aren’t Democrats in Congress screaming from the rooftops the way that Republicans have against them for so long? Voters have been speaking out loud and clear, even people who voted so that Obama Care would be repealed once they realized that their ACA benefits ARE Obama care.

The longer this health insurance debate and media attention it gets goes on the worse it gets. For the Republicans! They’ve been at it now for close to 6 months and nothing but the negative news is coming out from most of the media. Good that the Senate Democrats have a plan to try and stop this from going through. They deserve a lot of credit. 100% of them holding together.

I watched some interviews recently with some patients in southwest VA and a WV town that borders KY. Beyond sad, these people are desperate and are now beginning to see what the Republicans are trying to do with their ACA and Medicaid, mostly Medicaid. The Doctors and Nurse Practitioners were also interviewed and were most knowledgeable with Medicaid expansion (WV) and had good solutions to improving health care for those on the ACA and Medicaid. If only someone would listen to them.

The Republican goal is to make sure that only people who deserve to live (people who are not poor or from other countries) gain real health insurance and remain alive long enough to vote for Republicans, while people who don’t deserve to live (poor and non-native Americans) suffer premature death due to failure to get adequate health care, and thereby cannot vote against Republicans. Pretty simple.

The Republican proposals to repeal Obamacare all have two things in common: They throw the average American citizen under the bus while providing huge tax cuts to the 1 percent.

Helping to shape a healthy society does require thought and caring. Selfishness produces chaos.

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