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Trump’s TV Time

By Tiffany Rodgers

Trump tweets out some of the most off the wall, out of place, childish tweets I’ve ever seen. Some (really it’s most) of his tweets are at my kiddo’s level (a 10 year old). All he needs to do to ensure he reaches his target audience (juveniles are his target audience…right?) is to say something about Minecraft. I’m not sure if he realizes it or not, but kids are too young to vote. Let’s take a look at his majesty’s latest tweet (yes, I did just roll my eyes at that last sentence).

There are a lot of big ticket issues happening right now and Trump is tweeting about his TV time (Are you serious?). I’m not sure if when he says he has “very little time for watching TV” if this is a complaint or a statement. Either way, it’s a lie. If he doesn’t watch TV very much; why does he always tweet about it? He has responded to SNL, he forwards Fox and Friends tweets constantly, he is always speaking about ‘fake news’, and there are many many more examples I could list here. These are all signs of a habitual TV watcher. Let’s take a look at the rest of this tweet.

In the beginning of the tweet, he claims “The WH is functioning perfectly”. Does this perfect functionality include Russian collusion or Not? Cause as of yesterday, smarts Donald JR tweeted (here we go again with tweeting causing this family issues) out a very intriguing email chain admitting to Russian involvement during our election. The WH is NOT running perfectly! It is crumbling as we speak. Slowly but surely the truth comes out, and it’s usually not good news for Trump.

Although, you have to admire Pence for denying, almost immediately, not knowing anything about this meeting with Russian folks. Pence is not willing to go down with the Trump ship. I don’t think “running perfectly” involves having your VP step back from you as far as possible. In addition, Pence is hitting up big time donors cause he’s pretty sure Trump is going to be out soon (But they’re working together “perfectly” huh?).

Perhaps, if Trump were to start behaving more diplomatically, we wouldn’t have to question his extracurricular activities. If you add up Trump’s tweeting time, golfing time, and TV time, there isn’t much time leftover for being presidential (In his case, I’m not quite sure if that’s a positive or a negative).

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