Republicans: Party Time Is Over, You Can’t Defend Trump Any Longer

By Jason Taylor

Everyone needs to ask themselves: how they would feel if Bill Clinton’s emails revealed that he had sought Russia’s help for Hillary in defeating Donald Trump. If your reaction would be any different, then you really need to think about your understanding of the terms “patriotism” and “love of country.” If those words merely mean supporting Team Red or Team Blue, no matter what, then you are not a patriot but a mindless partisan hack who is contributing to our political paralysis.

Just as with the election, what the Trumps do isn’t surprising.

What remains hard to believe is how many people, including many commenters, find their behavior to be totally acceptable — or would it have been different had it been Obama or Clinton? Would they care if Reagan would have rolled over in his grave upon learning of Trump welcoming Russian involvement?

Everybody should stop rationalizing Trump and his cohorts’ behavior by “inexperience’ and “naïvety” in campaigning and politics. They are shrewd manipulators (every one of them, Jared, Ivanka, Don Jr, and Trump) who are very experienced in promoting their self-interests. It is entitlement, arrogance, narcissism and Machiavellian attitude that they can employ any means to get what they want because they are entitled to it all and are above the law. (“When you are rich, they let you do anything.”) They are exercising the same limitless power in running the country that they had in their family business.

Donald Trump Jr. is a traitor, pure and simple. This is ridiculous. If you read the email chain it’s clear that Don Jr. was explicitly told that the information was coming from the Russian government, yet he took the meeting anyway. What actually transpired at the meeting doesn’t in fact matter, the gist is that he knowingly was open to the idea of Russian collusion. It’s illegal for a presidential campaign to accept aid from a foreign power, so at the very least, this indicates clear intent to break the law.

The smoking gun just went off, and the so called “fake news” media is doing their job as the “fourth estate”; finally.

As Donald Trump is a control freak, certainly what his son knew; he knew. And this is proof positive that the Trump campaign, in collusion with the Russians, influenced the outcome of the 2016 Presidential Election. Then, lied to try to cover it up. Then lied further when Trump met with Putin. Presidents Clinton and Nixon were under investigation for far less. Clinton was impeached; Nixon quit because he knew he would be. If Clinton and Nixon could be investigated for “high crimes and misdemeanors”, then under this criteria, so should Trump. And it should not stop at Trump, Mike Pence, his cabinet and high ranking GOP leaders, in Congress.

These people (Trumps) may be so corrupt and so stupid that they actually don’t know what’s wrong with using an enemy’s help to affect our election. “Win at all costs” is their motto. It was obvious throughout the campaign that lying, bullying, and complete self-aggrandizement came with Trump. His support for Putin was completely open. Republicans saw that package and supported it. They all threw the country under the bus.

Time to bring criminal charges against Donald Jr, (and probably Manafort, Kushner, and Flynn for their own misdeeds) as well as impeachment proceedings against Trump Sr. This has gone on long enough. Trump’s administration will probably go down as one of the most corrupt ever.

Republicans, open your eyes, emerge from your underground dwellings, and finally see the clean light of day. It’s good for the soul not to mention our country.

Such a bittersweet irony that emails might be the downfall of Trump.

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