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Trump-Putin Bromance Blossoms in Wake of G-20

By Lauren Wynn

Just back from the G-20, Trump took to Twitter Sunday morning to Trumpsplain how former KGB agent and murderer of innocents is a more reliable witness than his own intelligence community. Once again, he goes on record as accepting Putin’s word over that of faithful civil servants, sworn to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America.

Well, okay. Just so the denial was vehement. That must mean it’s true – because Putin never lies about anything. No, he’s only normalized — even weaponized lying — and THAT, my friends is the slippery slope on which we find ourselves today.  This lunatic, who idolizes Putin, is seeking to normalize lying, to cast doubt on the media – whose job it is to hold him accountable – and on the US intelligence community. From there, he can act – as Putin has done in Russia – with impunity.

Painting Russia as a constructive partner is another lie. Just as the fox, once it has a taste of blood, will return to the chicken coop again and again – so too will Russia continue its assault on American interests.

The Director of National Intelligence speaks for the Intelligence Community, which consists of 17 agencies. Regardless of the number of agencies that participated in the investigation, the conclusion remains the same: RUSSIA MEDDLED IN OUR ELECTION. You allowed Putin to play you — he planted doubts in your mind about your IC and threw shade at the former President and you bit — you took the bait and swallowed it, hook, line, and sinker. You’re a fool and Putin knows it. He laughed at you all the way back to the Kremlin.

Read: nothing will be done. Period. That’s how his new buddy, his pal, his friend Vlad wants it and Trump, in his effort to run with the big dogs, has just made the US Putin’s bitch.

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Former grassroots state lead for Evan McMullin's 2016 Presidential campaign, Wynn, now a resident of Washington, DC, is an avid student of government and politics, and a freelance writer and blogger. Contributor to @eatprayvote

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  1. good job Lauren

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